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Friday, January 15, 2016

Remember Toots?

Oh Man!   It has been a LONG time since I sat down and wrote a post for Tootsie Time!   I have missed it…and all of you too!  

So?   How ya all been keeping?   Did you have a great Christmas and New Year?

When last I posted, I was getting ready to go to Hollywood with my little company…and before that…I shared my barn wood door.   Like I have said again and again…life around here has been one busy event after another…and I can’t wait to fill you all in!

So…lets see…where do I start…  …  …

Okay…I think I will start with an explanation as to why I have been so very lax in my posting.  

As most of you who read Tootsie Time know, I started a little company a while back called Chic-a-Boot.   It has taken off much faster than I had initially anticipated, and I was consumed for months with building my brand, and designing and producing all of the inventory for that.    I am happy to say, that once I learned how to use all of the sergers (5) and the overlock machines…and even the basic machines…I was well on my way to producing thousands of pairs of my product, and shipping them all over Canada and the US! 

I, along with my very supportive Cowboy, even managed to attend the Big Valley Jamboree this last summer, as well as a red carpet event for the American Music Awards in Hollywood California.  Chic-a-Boot has been an adventure I have thoroughly enjoyed…and am happy to have met all of the amazing merchants and customers along the way.  I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.
This summer, I did intend to share my usual greenhouse and garden photos on Fertilizer Fridays and any day that I had time in between, but sadly I did not get to do any of that, due to a very unfortunate family event. 

My beautiful Omie,  (my grandmother, in her 80’s) – with whom I have always been very close, had a serious health event and ended up in hospital near death for weeks.   We were spending a lot of time on the road to visit her, and taking turns spending the night at the hospital with her, as she was in dire condition.   At one point, it was thought that she would pass within just a few hours, and we were all very afraid to leave her side.  

I am happy to say that God is good…and that our family was granted a miracle.   After weeks and weeks of her health failing and getting worse and worse…Omie was released from hospital, to go home!   She needs to have dialysis three times a week for the rest of her life, but she is alive… and doing quite well!   She and my Opie, are living on their own still and are entertaining us all with their silliness every day.   Our family is so grateful to all the staff at the hospitals who helped to save her life and to God for letting us have her for just as long as we can!

This brings me to August.   That is when I created and posted about the barn wood door.   You can see that post HERE.   I do love my barn wood…it seems to just warm a space with it’s casual look just right!  

I know you all remember me mentioning that I was having some serious issues with my hands and arms over the past few years.   I had been going for cortisone shots in my hands so that I was able to use them.   WELL…in late October of last year, I was finally sent for surgery to try to correct my carpal tunnel issues.   I am so very happy to say that the surgery was not as bad as I was thinking it was going to be…and I recovered from it quite fast…and it’s a good thing I did…because…

cowboy 2
(just one week after my surgery!)

Yup!   Tootsie is a country kid now! 

I have always loved being out in the country.   I loved the farm where I grew up, and still do.   I had always wanted to move there, and live and watch my kids enjoy that beautiful place.   It is filled with so many special memories for me…and it has such a special place in my heart.   But, that was not in the cards.   The location of it was too far away from where we live…and the kids schools…etc.  

Why not just change schools?   Well…that would have been an option, if not for my son.   He was given an amazing opportunity this year at school.   He is the only grade 11 student ever to be offered to attend College at the same time as he does his high schooling!   Because he has such great marks and a good attitude, the high school asked if he would like to do the dual credit program with the college that is in a nearby town!   He will have his first year journeyman welding ticket by the end of this year, and just need to apprentice!   Next year he wants to try to do the auto mechanics courses.   He wants to be a mechanic when he’s done school…but the welding classes were offered to him this year, and he can always use a fall back skill!  

Because of the need to stay close to the schools the kids are already attending…my Cowboy and I decided to buy an acerage about 20 minutes away from town.   We moved on October 31st…. ONE week after my surgery!    Yup…we did …and yup…I helped!   (would you expect any less of me?)  lol

winter view from home
The photo above is the view from my office in our new home.

Three weeks after we moved…we went to Hollywood for my Company event…and then it was time for Christmas…and then New Years…and now…here we are!

I would have been posting a few weeks ago…but my computer decided to reset itself back to factory…(yes…just my luck right?  I lost EVERYTHING!)…but… I finally got it back to normal…and am ready to start posting again!


So…that is what has been up for me lately…confused yet?  lol   I know…it’s been a busy few months!   Oh…and did I mention that I am getting married to that Cowboy?   Yup…the bugger popped the question on the same day that we made the offer on this house!   We are planning to have an intimate little wedding, with family and a few close friends in the near future. 

WELL…that’s all for me today… I don’t want to put everything in one post…so you need to stay tuned…the next post is going to include some photos of things I have been doing, cuz I have been up to some painting! 

So?   What have you been up to?   Come on…spill it…I want to hear it all!!!  

Until Next Time…Happy Reading!

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