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Monday, October 3, 2016


Hey all!   I know it has been a while since we had any REAL Tootsie posts.   Thank you all so very much for being so patient with me…I have so much on my plate these days, that it seems there are not enough hours to accomplish all that I have to do anymore. 

A lot of you have been asking for photos of where we live since the move to the country.   I have not been able to share until now for a mirad of reasons…but am happy to say today is the day!

Today I am going to share a few sneek peek photos of the exterior what that the Cowboy, the kids and I call home.   I am super excited to share the big project that is happening right now, but I think you need to see a few other things first…AND I want to wait and show you that project when it is at least close to finished.

As most of you know, about a year ago, we decided to move out to the country.   The original plan to do this was to move to the beautiful place that I grew up, but that was not in the stars for us, so we went on the hunt to find a place that we all could love.  We did get very lucky, and we found this place. 

002a (2)
This is not the full photo of what it looked like when we bought it.   Sadly, I don’t have one anymore…because when my computer crashed a few months back, I lost everything I had on it and nothing could be saved.   SO...this is it.

I know you are all looking at this photo and wondering WHY we would fall in love with a PINK house?   Well…we said the same thing…
This is a photo of the whole thing almost finished…I had to go up and paint the chimney…haha…if not for this photo, I would have missed it completely!  HAHA!     I also would like to you ignore the pulled curtains in the window…those were like that to remind me to wash the inside windows…and have since been returned to their normal state.

A little paint went a LONG way for us.  We are all very happy with the finished look. 

We live about 20 minutes outside of the little town we were living in before..and we have lots of space to spend time.  We have even got enough space for one VERY silly horse.  
His name is Cruise and he’s a character all right.   The kids absolutley love him and they spend a lot of time with him.

He lives in the fenced area just behind and off to the side of our formal yard.
Home 2
The former owners neglected the treed area on this property for a long time, and we are working on cleaning all the dead fall out of the trees, to make room for more horses…and then we will fence off our entire property so that we can use and enjoy it all! 
Until the clean up in the trees is finished, our spoiled beast will have to stay in the area that is fenced. 

As we clean up the dead fall, we are salvaging any usable wood to be used as firewood.   We have already sent several big loads home with the old man that used to be our neighbor in town.   He’s always happy to come out to visit us, and to have us in to see him. 
Home 3
Our acreage is home to all kinds of wonderful creatures.  Cruise spends time with this little fella…and his freinds…dozens of them.  haha
Home 4
Some of these little guys are quite tame…they hop right up to us every now and then.   It is a lot of fun to watch them play in the yard…they are cute!
We listen to these guys calling and LOVE to watch them sneak across the yard.   I wish I could have gotten a good photo of the 5 babies that were following them…

I did manage to get a picture of THESE guys though…
Mommy Moose and one of her twins…We are told she has twins almost every year.
The other twin…
A young Bull Moose… and his little rack of horns…(most likely one of the babies that Mommy Moose had the year before)   The one in the trees behind him made this monster baby look tiny. 

There was a HUGE Bull Moose in the yard with this guy, the mother and the twins.   He just would not allow me to take his photo…and I was not about to force the issue.   haha.   They were all standing just a few feet from my truck that morning.   I didn’t notice them right away as I was walking out to get in…and when I did…I turned right around and went inside.  haha.  
It was quite a sight to see!
We love this place.   We love the silence, the privacy and the space…There is never a day that passes that we don’t marvel in how beautiful it is out in the country.
If you drive down this driveway and take the turn to the right…
…You will see the large pond that is right across the road from our front yard.   We get to listen to the frogs and ducks and geese…it is so wonderful. 

That hedge…well guess what we discovered this spring???
It Blooms a beautiful pink….and then…
We had more Cherries than we knew what to do with!

Where is Tootsie’s greenhouse? 

Well there isn’t one YET. 

I KNOW RIGHT?!!!   What the heck!?! 

That is a post I will share separate from this…there will be one…have no fear…it’s just still in the planning stage. 

I am going to leave you with one final photo…which is kind of a foreshadowing of what the next few posts will look like…There’s a project in the works…and I am just dying to share it with you!
Until Next Time…Happy Gardening

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

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WOW, what a wonderful new homestead you have!!! AWESOME!

deb said...

It's beautiful Glenda!! So happy for you 😀 I miss being around wildlife, enjoy. I hear Ya about not enough hours in the day. This is when cloning would come in handy!!lol xoxo take care

Sonia said...

Well you have been missed! Love your new country home and all that beautiful land! Can't wait to see your new greenhouse!

Carol said...

So glad you and yours are doing well and are so happy. Beautiful place! Enjoy seeing all the animals! We see deer, bunnies, lots of squirrels, coons, owls and hawks and lots of other birds. Can't even imagine seeing a moose in my yard! Take care!

La Petite Gallery said...

Glenda, Congrats this is a wonderful spot. Cherries,a pond, Wildlife. My Daughter married last year and moved into town. She said the noise is awful.
Nice impressive driveway.Is that a Magpie on Cruise. He looks nicer than Tom Cruise. Well waiting for next post. It's 32 degrees this morning in Maine.
Hope we have a mild winter. yvonne

Karen said...

Wonderful news, Glenda! Beautiful property and I completely understand how you feel about living in the country, there is no substitute! Can't wait to see your next adventure, love the house in its new color, too.

Jessica@CapeofDreams said...

What beautiful land! Once you get your greenhouse it will be perfect.