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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Do YOU Believe in ‘Magic’?

Hey guys! 

I know it’s been a while since I have made any new posts…but sometimes life takes over and things get busy and time slips away.  I have also been dealing with some serious health concerns as of late, so I am not up and running like I was before…but I am on my way!

You won’t believe the story I am about to tell you.

I am very excited to say that finally I am beginning to feel a LOT better!   For the last few years, my health had been slipping further and further down hill.  This last 18 months or so, were the worst yet.   My Hashimotos (thyroid autoimmune disease) had gotten so bad that it was affecting my Adrenal glands.   This inflamed the fibromyalgia that was caused by the Hashimotos, and I was in constant pain…and …and…and…

The Adrenal issues, caused me to become increasingly tired…and weak.   Some days I could not walk more than a few steps and either fatigue or pain would make me sit down.   Because of this I was extremely grateful that I do not have a greenhouse to tend to right now, as I just would not have been able to keep up.  I was having frequent issues with everything going black and passing out…and the list goes on.   I am sure you get the idea…

Being so sick, and not having a really good doctor, caused me to become worse and worse…I was depressed about being unable to keep up with the things I loved to do…and could barely get my energy up enough to draft the patterns and create my designs for my little clothing company Chic-a-Boot.   When I would get large orders from stores wanting to carry my products I would have huge anxiety and would be worried that I would not have the energy to fill them.   But…I forced myself…pushed my body to it’s brink and just barely managed to get through. 

I am grateful for my Cowboy, a few good friends and my kids for stepping up and helping me to get my work done and keep up with my household responsibilities…without them I would never have made it this far.

The urgent trips to emergency at the hospital were getting more and more frequent…and something needed to change.

I literally felt like I was dying. 

On Mother’s Day, I took my little company to a market.   It wasn’t a very large market, but I did very well.   My Cowboy was there with me, and at one point he decided to take a little walk around to see what everyone else was selling.   When he returned with the pamphlets about these ‘magic socks’ I was skeptical.

He had come across a product that he was told would take pain, increase energy and stamina…and all sorts of too good to be true results…    We actually laughed about them all the way home.   “magic socks…what a crock…we should get some just to prove them wrong!”   (after all they are guaranteed to work …so what did we have to lose!)

And that is just what we did.   We went home, and we were both still thinking about how these socks were supposed to help with all sorts of issues that we were both suffering daily with…so we decided to place an order. 

Our order arrived just in time for us to be taking a little road trip.   I was not looking forward to the drive…my legs HURT SO BAD…especially if we had the air conditioning on in the truck.   I could not turn my head more than just a little bit either way without pain and my frozen shoulder was announcing itself that day with no relief.   The Cowboy was having pain (from all his years as a bull rider) in his back really bad that day and was hobbling around like an old man…so we thought…what a better time to put these socks on and give them a run for their money!

We were packed…had our ‘magic socks’ on and were ready to hit the road!   Within the first two hours, I noticed that I could turn my head, move my arms and that there was no pain to do so…The Cowboy could feel his toes tingling a little bit…and was noticing right away that his back was not bothering him as much…we had the air conditioning on in the truck…it was blowing on my legs and I had NO PAIN!   By the time 3 hours had passed…we were both pain free…and feeling really good!
We were amazed.   We kept wearing our socks…washing them at night and putting them on first thing in the morning.   After the first week…I noticed that I was not needing to rest or nap…the pain was gone…and I was feeling a bit more like my old self every day.   Within two weeks…I had a lot more energy…still had no pain, and I was not having any of the feelings of depression or anxiety that I had been suffering for so long.   I also noticed that I had not had one night of insomnia in all the time I was wearing my socks!   The cowboy noticed he wasn’t suffering from any pain, and that his athletes foot that had been so bad for many years had cleared up!

We were convinced…these SOCKS WORK!   So we decided to sign ourselves up so that we could get them at wholesale. 

I have been going to my new doctor for a few months now, and she has been trying to regulate my thyroid.   The old doc that I had in our town, was not very efficient, or concerned about proper dosages…would just write a new script for something to mask symptoms…and really never treated anything.   This new doctor is different.   I have had a LOT of blood drawn, and a LOT of different tests…she is very thorough. 

Every month since wearing my socks, we have decreased the amount of thyroid medication that I need.   My tests are coming back better and better every time, and I feel great compared to a few months ago.     I told her about the socks…and she was super excited about them.   She had heard of them, but had never seen any of the info about them in person.   I told her that I was not taking anything for pain anymore…and that I didn’t need the meds to help me sleep or stay calm anymore…the heart palpitations had stopped, and so much more.   She was very supportive of these socks…and is actually referring people to me when she feels they would benefit. 

We have been telling our friends and family about them, and they are ordering from us…and their friends and family are hearing about it …and so on and so on…and suddenly I have another business (completely by accident) and have been super busy helping others to feel better.  Between the socks and my Chic-a-Boot business…I have been going hard every day like I used to…and loving every minute of it.   I am even looking forward to the construction of a new greenhouse very soon, so I can get back to gardening.   I am so excited to finally be feeling like ME again.

I truly did not know how many things were hurting on my body…until they weren’t hurting anymore!   The socks are not a cure…but they are a natural and safe way to help calm some of the symptoms of dozens of conditions. 

 Some of you guys are friends with me on my personal facebook page, and have seen me talking about them all the time…some of you have even ordered some…and love the results you got too!   Thank you by the way, for supporting my accidental little venture.   It is so much fun to hear the testimonials of those I have helped with my ‘magic socks’.

If you would like to know more about my socks, and who they will help…(and the list is LONG)… I would LOVE to tell you about them, teach  you how they work,  and show you how to get some.    All you need to do is …shoot me a message on facebook…phone me…or send me an email at   …OR leave me a comment on this post with your contact info.     All of my comments are moderated, so I won’t publish anything you write me.   I know that sometimes health concerns are personal and the whole world doesn’t need to know. 
I look forward to more and more improvement in my life…and to helping you guys feel better too!

Until Next Time…Happy Everything! 
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

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