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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Inspiration for Future Garden Projects

If you are looking for some inspiration to add to your gardens...look around your house and garage, garden shed and the local thrift stores...the possibilities are endless...How about a few ideas!
I Desperately need one of these....anyone have a wine cask for me?

One day, my neighbor will trim that tree...and I will make this day.

And look at the sink! Nothing has to go to waste! Do you see the little bird bath on the stump?

One color will have huge impact in a container, or window box.

Rustic looking wood....

Old wagon? Not Junk!....beautiful.

I adore this one.

shrubs and annuals...

Not my style...not green enough, but still very interesting.

How cute is this?

Even our fruit trees will look good in a container! I wonder if they removed the bottom of this barrel....

Fruit tree...and more containers...can't you just smell the Geraniums?
Another...lemonade anyone?
Tomatoes can make some interesting containers too....

Window boxes dress up any home or building.

This one screams cottage to me.
Check out the wheel barrows....I NEED one of these...Could this get any prettier?

I have a crappy old wheel barrow.....hmmmm....

Now that's different! This one would be perfect for "MOM'S" climate!


I have the directions for the "tipsy pots" if anyone wants cute! I think you can make them so they stand on the ground too...Might just have to try that!

I do like the fountain idea here...thanks HGTV for the idea...

Well there are some ideas that I found in books, and online...the sink filled with flowers is actually in a neighbor of one of my rms friends....I wonder what ideas I can come up with next!

Every year I add or change something in my garden...this year I am adding a cement patio to put a table and chairs on. I have decided to use my mold and pour my own cobblestones...(yes I am thinking that I am a little crazy too....) so I will post that as soon as I am done...and you all can help me decorate my new garden room!