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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Inspiration for Future Garden Projects

If you are looking for some inspiration to add to your gardens...look around your house and garage, garden shed and the local thrift stores...the possibilities are endless...How about a few ideas!
I Desperately need one of these....anyone have a wine cask for me?

One day, my neighbor will trim that tree...and I will make this day.

And look at the sink! Nothing has to go to waste! Do you see the little bird bath on the stump?

One color will have huge impact in a container, or window box.

Rustic looking wood....

Old wagon? Not Junk!....beautiful.

I adore this one.

shrubs and annuals...

Not my style...not green enough, but still very interesting.

How cute is this?

Even our fruit trees will look good in a container! I wonder if they removed the bottom of this barrel....

Fruit tree...and more containers...can't you just smell the Geraniums?
Another...lemonade anyone?
Tomatoes can make some interesting containers too....

Window boxes dress up any home or building.

This one screams cottage to me.
Check out the wheel barrows....I NEED one of these...Could this get any prettier?

I have a crappy old wheel barrow.....hmmmm....

Now that's different! This one would be perfect for "MOM'S" climate!


I have the directions for the "tipsy pots" if anyone wants cute! I think you can make them so they stand on the ground too...Might just have to try that!

I do like the fountain idea here...thanks HGTV for the idea...

Well there are some ideas that I found in books, and online...the sink filled with flowers is actually in a neighbor of one of my rms friends....I wonder what ideas I can come up with next!

Every year I add or change something in my garden...this year I am adding a cement patio to put a table and chairs on. I have decided to use my mold and pour my own cobblestones...(yes I am thinking that I am a little crazy too....) so I will post that as soon as I am done...and you all can help me decorate my new garden room!


artis1111 said...

Tootsie, you have to ahow stepby step with the cobblestones. I have the form but never did it.Kathy

Anonymous said...

OH.... I love the old wheel barrows.. I have a couple of the smaller ones and have filled them to the brim... and they are now starting to overflow.. but that large one..would be oh so cute in front of the shop.. can't you see it done up at Christmas? Ok.. I know I'm a bit touched but a gals got to think ahead... The wagons are just down right fun and whimiscal.. I would love the instructions for the tipsy pots..... girl.. can't wait to see the new patio.. hugs ~ lynne ~

Unknown said...

Great inspirational photos! Container gardening is so much fun! Love the pics and ideas.

Anonymous said...

Tootsie... good morning.. oh this was sooo much fun.. Ironic that you posted it today.. I was doing yard work yesterday and noticed a few areas that just need something.. I truly love the wagons.. and yes>> I spotted that cute bunny .. put a big smile on my face.. and those wheelbarrows.. oh my goodness..I have a smaller one needs some repairs that's on the list of things to do.. but that larger one.. would look GREAT in front of the shop.. these are all just whimsical.. I would love the instructions for the tipsy pots.. now.. I think I must scoot to the garden center to purchase a few things... hugs ~ lynne ~

Rue said...

Good morning Tootsie :)

These inspiration pictures were fantastic!! I can't wait to try some of these, but it'll have to wait until we move.


Picket said...

Morning Toots! I loved this! I gotta try the old wagon and barrel on the side and I have some of those huge barrels..great ideas! Can't wait to see your patio area..girl I just wish i could grow container plants like you...they just get fried down here with this heat and humidity! Have a great day girl!

Country French Antiques said...

Hi Tootsie
Love the wagon and the idea of tomatoes in containers!
Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful as usual!

Anonymous said...

Morning Tootsie Wootsie! I loved looking at all the garden beauties! Love your tipsy pots - how cute is that?
Continue to be a 'green'sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Buffie said...

Wow, I got some really good inspiration today! I have a little metal buggy I'm going to paint and put flowers in....thanks, as always I enjoyed the photos!

mrsben said...

This could not have been better timed! I have an old fireplace iron grate basket (that came from the home I grew up in) and I was hoping to use it as an exterior planter. I've seen hanging wired baskets with what looks like a moss liner. Would you know Tootsie what it is or have any suggestions what I could line it with? (Would a piece of burlap work?)
I think these are fabulous ideas that you've posted today!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing them.

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Hi Glenda, Thanks for all the inspirational pics...lots of great ideas! I definitely have the bare spots in my grass (another day's post) because of our horrible droughts here in GA. Gotta get to work on that this fall.

Nancy Jane said...

What neat ideas you've shared here. If I had a wine cask, I would send it to you. If it had been home to a good vintage dry red it would most certainly be empty! Nancy

mrsben said...

P.S: Tootsie would you mind posting the instructions for the Tipsy Pots? (I would love to give it to my daughter to try.)
Thank you so much. -Brenda-

Julie said...

I would love to see you making the cobblestone porch as well, Tootsie! These were great photos and ideas! I just finished growing my tomatoes in containers! It was great fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing that anything can become a planter with enough imagination! Who says no you can't? Sorry I haven't been around much this past week--it's been a hectic week, but things have calmed down. It's good to be here and your music is a good choice! Fieldstone/Pam