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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ready for the Cold to Come...

Today I spent the entire day finishing up the winterizing of my greenhouse. As many of you know, I have a gas heater in this one, and I can run it all year round. It is this heater that allows me to give my house plants a little extra over the cold short days of a Canadian winter.
Anyone who knows me, knows that this is my special place. I love my greenhouse more than I can ever describe. This year is no exception, and is a little bittersweet.
My greenhouse days may be over. This house we have here may have to go on the market soon and that will mean leaving my special place behind. I most likely will not have another one and know.
Cleaning it up ....just in case I have to show it off . Keep your fingers crossed that we don't decide to move. saw how disgusting and dirty it was in the itchy post that I did a couple posts back....well....let me tell was a long labor intensive day!
First I had to remove all the contents of the greenhouse so I could wash the flooring. The bins you see hold all the little "6,9 and 4 packs" and small pots that I start the seed in...

the stacks of black are the shelving that I use to hold the trays when they are seeded....

ugh....there is a lot of stuff that had to come out before I could wash the floor!
This appears to be a lot of junk....but it is all things I use to work my greenhouse...
Wooo Hoooo....the floor is clean! now I wait for it to dry....

another view of what has to be put back in....I can't believe how much stuff I have stored in there!
The tile is down. I use the two foot by two foot foam tiles that many people use on the floor in their helps hold the heat in.. I have loaded a lot back in already. Must find a spot for my new garden bench that I fixed up this summer....

This is my oldest bedding plant. She is a 6 year old Geranium. She is white and just got a MAJOR haircut. Her name is Nanny...she was a mother's day gift from my kids. She is very special to me.
The rest of the stuff is tools and pots and other greenhouse gardener can't all be pretty...this IS a working greenhouse.
I do try to "decorate" it for the off season, but come January...all the houseplants go back into the house, and it goes back to work!
Oh is finally coming together....Houseplants and all
another view from a different angle...
and another... There have been so many comments about this cupboard....and what it is NOT clean or even close...but inside is a fridge, and a t.v. greenhouse has cable t.v.
It is efficient when it is clean...I swear!

Thanks for the visit and for taking the tour with me!