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Monday, December 22, 2008

Where Have I Been?

This post is about my greenhouse. It is the greenhouse that has been held in high esteem and cherished by me since the first nail went into creating it. To me it represented all that was right in the world. It was my safe place, my sanctuary and when I was in it, I was special and felt loved. You was a gift to me by someone I thought would never hurt me in ANY way. we all know...I thought wrong...and I thought I would never be able to go back into this place.

Those that read my recent post declaring that I was reclaiming my life and myself...know that I vowed to go ahead and use the talent that God gave me....No one else gave me the gift of growing...I was born with that. The greenhouse is a tool...and object...and it is MINE ....MINE to use to express my gift. And I decided that this past weekend I was going to suck it up... and make my first move.

I got my act together....headed for the door...I had a bit of a rude awakening when I opened the door...What was I stupid? Was there a vandal in there? Nope...not unless you can call Tootsie a vandal...(but I'm sure you would never do that!)
Good Gravy! What a horrible mess!
I cleaned a little bit of my heating situation under control...and decided to go make some supper. ............
Supper ended...Kids tucked into bed...I decide to head back to my work.
This time I took a camera with me. Lets go....

The lady next door calls it the mother ship when I have the lights on at night...You can hear her yelling "the mother ship has landed!!!" (she even says that when she is sober! )

I had already cleared us a path, and removed much of the plants that had frozen to death the other night when the heat failed and it was -43C overnight here...
here are some of the spoils of that night....
I would have taken you all along for the duration....but as you can desk seems to be missing!
I suppose you could have sat on the wicker love seat I fixed up last summer...
Or on the hose hanger.....
What on earth is in that bag? How long has it been since I was in there?
That bag is is an oilfield trash is large enough to hold a grown person's body....(focus Toots....focus) and look how full it already is! There is only leaves in there! I did lose a lot of plants that night....grrr
Take a good look at the "wall"...that is my shelving for the entire building! Stop laughing Tamara...I can only dream of having your establishment!
and look at this! what a looks like a dirty flea market shelf!....I just stuffed it all in...yep! see that other set that I was supposedly making a birdbath out of!....(tea pot and cups)I am soooo busted! that is wood I bought to do a project...and never took it to the garage...shoved it in here ....hey...I had no plans of growing anything again!.... OOPS! you couldn't even sit here if you wanted to! there are two angels and some junk on there!
Wait! that my desk???? Oh My...what do we see here? How shameful.......
Oh my! Tootsie! That's a fake Plant! LOLOL!!!!
Yes it is! lol.....a fake plant sitting in a tea cup on the desk in a greenhouse? that is almost as sad as the neglect inflicted on this place! you know where I have been....where I will be...and where I should never have left!
See you when I finish up some of this ....and I will provide you with some shots of the finished job!
Forgive my absence. Life here lately does not seem to be leaving me much time to blog or read or comment..I have been to a know how that goes....Stay tuned for my clean house!