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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Lesson in Seed Identification and Planting....OH!!!! the Planting!

Here we are again…waiting impatiently for spring to arrive. It is this time of year that keeps a gardener on her toes…especially when she has a greenhouse to plant.

I have been out there planting at every opportunity…and thought I’d give you a peek at what some of the seeds look like…as well as a little lesson in Planting!

I am revising an older post to share with you today. I have to go back and watermark every thing, so I figured, why not watermark this one and share it with you. There are several people patiently waiting for me to share some planting How-To posts…and this is as good a time as any!

Lets get started.

These are some of the seeds I have planted so far in the greenhouse!
I have included photos of some of the seeds that you may not have seen before...


Do you see these seeds? They are what is known as Pelleted. This means that they are coated so that they are not quite so small...and are easier to handle. It also means that I am not able to show you exactly what a Bacopa seed looks like.

With Bacopa, you do not cover the seed/ gently press it onto the surface of the soil.


3 These are Untreated Geranium seeds...if you remember the post on planting Geraniums, you will notice that these are not gold, yellow, orange or treated in any way.


These are covered lightly with potting soil...


Gerbera's are pressed into the surface of the soil as they need to have light to germinate.


Just cover lightly. (these are poison to your pets...and seem to taste very good to them...)


The pepper seeds are just seeds...they needed to be put 1/4 inch under the soil and kept warm and moist....(these are for Justine)


The Dusty Miller...does not need to be covered... just sprinkled on top of the soil, and kept in the light with plenty of moisture. (they are starting to sprout as of today)


Dianthus is started 1/4 inch deep and ...warm and moist


Impatiens do not need cover either...they need light to germinate. WOW!!!


These are the Geraniums we planted! Three days after they popped out of the soil!



Febuary 8.

14so far..this is what the greenhouse looked like as of last week.
Other seeds that were pelleted that I have planted are, Begonia, Petunia and Pansy, and Swedish Ivy. I did not take photos of them they are appear the same as the least until they sprout!

Once that happens it is a very different story...and we will have photos!

Until next time, thanks for getting dirty with me! Happy Gardening!

*)*)*)- glad to see you!

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