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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You'd Never Know if I Didn't Tell You...Right?

Hey Justine! I am showing you a view from the front of my house today!!!! You said you'd never seen here we go!

If you were walking past'd more than likely never suspect that a deranged plant fanatic lives inside this house...I do get some compliments on the grass...but that's about it.

When I started in this yard the only beds that were here were the two in the front of the yard...and they were filled with rocks....just like the ones next door. They were awful red and grey and white mixed together.....ICK! So..I removed them and got busy. Really Busy! Did I mention I was 6 months pregnant when I started this?

This is the view from the sidewalk just before you enter the back yard.

This is the front bed....LOADED with weeds... as for that huge used to be here...but was in a big crunch...and is not a truck anymore!

This is under the bedroom windows in the front of the house...not much to see last year..
A view of the front doorway with the Engleman's Ivy growing like weeds!

Yup....that's mostly weeds! chick weed from the neighbors garden got in and I gave up! It could have been beautiful if not for those weeds!

A view of the side of the house....see the window?

Lets get a little closer....MORE WEEDS!!! shame on me!

The same long huge is hard to photograph this bed....the next door neighbor's house is too close for a good shot!

The goodness...things weren't that big when these were taken

As we walk away from that corner...

These are all photos from this year past and the one before. I have had so many people ask if I have loads of comments from those in the area....nope! No one even suspects that I am here....and if they do...they don't say too much! (maybe they are afraid of the crazy plant lady! lol)