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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The current state of my gardens!

What do you get when you cross one of these....
With one of these.....?Well.....take a look!
What you get is one MAD mom!
This nice little mess used to be a tea cup on a post. It matched the tea pot bird bath. I bet you also know that "NO ONE" knows how it happened! lol Good thing they are cute...and that I know how to make a new one.
It has finally melted off a little here....BUT it is NOT pretty in my garden right now. It looks like a war zone to say the least.

Dead-Ugly and full of garbage, dog poop and toys from the winter.
One of us has ants in his pants to get the boat out of the storage area of the yard....(didn't anyone tell him that there is still ice on the lakes?)
Once we get the truck and the boat out into the parking pad....the kid's trampoline will be set up here...the hockey net and all the awful pucks etc will be back here...and the basketball net too!

Say hi Busy!!!!!!

Green grass? What green grass!!!!! Come on Spring......Spring already!!!!

Makes me wonder if I was ever here....or if it was just a

Maybe there is some hope after all!!!! My lilac has buds! woo hoo!!!!

Guess where I am going next?

Yep! one shot of the greenhouse.....more to come next time! This is the only indication that spring is on it's way to Alberta!
Now do you all see why I am so envious of your gardens right now?