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Thursday, June 18, 2009

One Man's Tootsie's Treasure!

Brayden is the photographer he is not in any shots...he did a great job too! He took all flattering photos...not like his usual close up of the inside of his nose or the zooming in on someones butt!!
There is a guy who has a lot of wonderful stuff that he doesn't want..and is planning to throw in this hole and bury....Now we CAN'T have that can we??? Lets go junkin!
Doesn't look like there's much in here does there....?
WRONG! My "eagle eyes" saw nothing but treasure...!
PAYDIRT!! Look how happy I'd think I won a lottery....I am high on junk!
Do you see what I see???? Oh my heart is beating really fast...get the saw !!!
Yea...about that saw... forgot to grab it... but did get a I hacked at this thing...until I cut thru this piece...not once but twice...(duh...there's two wheels!)
Never mess with Tootsie...when she sets her mind to something...
This is my little truck...loaded to the brim...I can't wait to get home. We didn't notice the huge thunderstorm that was approaching until we were about to leave... children covered in dirt...and hungry...
I plugged the radar detector in and hit the road at speeds unmentioned...for fear of a
So? What does a girl do with some rusted out machine parts, one and a half wagon wheels and a bunch of tree stumps of substantial size????
She plays! She cleans them up...and arranges them in the back 40 where only the ugliest of scenes resides...this area used to be the catch spot for the yard waste cans, and the trampoline and it is just an eyesore there....but not anymore! I used two of the bigger tree stumps to make a step for the replaces the eye sore pictured below.
See this? It used to be a rain barrel....We cut it off and made it to be the step for the kids to get on and off the is just so the blue elephant in the yard....Not Anymore!!!
Not bad for a couple hours junkin! My favorite is the broken wheel...I also didn't dig them into a flower bed...EVERYONE puts them in the flower bed...and everyone stands them straight up and down around here....I like to be just a little different...creative...original.
What do you think?
(I need to pressure wash my spray paint rings off that sidewalk block...forgot about those..hee hee..)
Wait till next week...I am excited to show you the junkin I did yesterday...but have to post Fertilizer Friday and it is the weekend and I like to tease a little too!
See you all tomorrow for Fertilizer Friday...Flaunt those Flowers with me!!!