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Friday, July 31, 2009

Fertiizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers- July 31/09

Welcome to Fertilizer Friday! Today is the day I remind you all to feed your houseplants and gardens with your fertilizer of choice. After you have fertilized those plants and given them that kick in the roots to start a beautiful show of foliage and blooms, I challenge and invite you all to snap some photos and flaunt your flowers! All you have to do is grab the photo above, and link your post back to me. You also need to sign yourself in to the mister linky at the bottom of this post!
Before we get started, there is a campaign that I think is worthy of all our attention. Cancer of any kind is a horrible life changing thing. It needs to be cured. I know a special blogger or two that are fighting this disease with dignity and grace and have inspired and amazed me with their brave spirit. Please take this button below and put it in your sidebars. It will link you to a special place to donate or get more information. Also...please look HERE for information about a blooms for the cure campaign that will knock your socks off! Proven winner color choice will be donating $1.00 for each Invincible Spirit Hydrangea sold towards the cause. I know I am going to look for this plant to support this campaign...hey...any excuse to plant shop is a good one...but this one is even better!
Here's the button...
Now...this is my offering for this weeks Fertilizer Friday /Flaunt Your Flowers Post!
Orange Geranium
Malva --finally blooming!
Beta Grape vine (has the cutest little grapes on it)
MORE blooms on my Clematis!
My big pots are in need of something to raise them up already!
Side bed in front...finally filling in
close up of the Geraniums in there...
see all the volunteer Malva???? they are welcome most times!
Weekly shot of the bed in my header is getting better every week!
EVERY annual in my garden is started from seed in my Greenhouse. I am always a bag of nerves waiting for things to get moving and catch up to the ones bought at the professional growers! I think I am taking a sigh of relief now!
Okay....that's my garden...or some of yourself in...I can't wait to see what's blooming around in your gardens!