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Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Little Tweeking Happened-Just Tootsie-ing Around

Today I am making my home sing in the decorating department. Now-in this adventure...I went junkin . Yes...Yes I did. Because of this exciting event, I am also involved in a metamorphosis of sorts. Not a huge one....but a good one.
Thanks to momstheword and Between Naps on the Porch for hosting both of these wonderful parties! Click on the respective photos above to see what everyone else is doing for each of these theme days.
As I mentioned, I went junkin ... I got this chest of drawers (around here they are called high-boys) It already had painted a faux treatment on it, and I thought for sure that this handi-work was perfect (can you believe that this piece used to be solid white?- I think it is pretty like this) Unfortunately, it had a bit too much of a green undertone for the room I wanted to place it in, so I had to Tootsie it up a bit.
I grabbed a can of cherry wood stain and went to work!
I had my lovely assistant helping-since Busy was away at her Nana's house for the week-I was stuck with Bumble Bee BUGGING me. (Miss Pooh kindly was snoring on my bed-when he wasn't BUGGING her)
I spray painted the handles to the drawers hammered gray.
Now...the chest of drawers has a cherry undertone to compliment my bedroom furniture. This is the dresser to my set. It is cherry.
Here is the finished and accessorized product! This is the metamorphosis part of my post today, what do you think? I am thinking I like it. The setting I used on the camera doesn't do it justice. Honest.I have also been accessorizing to make my home sing. I have put together a few little displays around the house to please my bored eyes...I just used this and that from around the house and in my crawl space. I hate this corner. The tall breakfast bar makes most things look out of place...and I hated the bar stools, so they are gone...gone for good! I don't mind this look for now.
Some odds and ends on a tray in the living room on an old trunk
This is my sofa table. It has a wire tea pot that I filled with some vase fillers that I found at a grocery store a few weeks back, They are made from some sort of a spongy wood. I love them.
Here's a close up of each one.
And now I am tired...and might even go sit and relax with a good read...or maybe make something! Bumble Bee is passed out on my leg...and I hope I can slip away before he notices that I am awake!"zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" He's sooooo tired! lol
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Happy Monday!