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Friday, September 25, 2009

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers Sept 25/09

Welcome to Fertilizer Friday! Today is the day we set our calendars for each week. We feed our houseplants and gardens to bring them to their glory!
I just know you all have been outside (and in) feeding those plants to kick them into a full grow and please join me in the weekly flaunting of our gardens! Grab my logo above, post your photos of your glorious gardens and houseplants...(or those of another gardener you admire) and link into the Mister Linky below and Flaunt your flowers with me!
Sharing our gardens inspires others to new and wonderful ideas ...and gives us all a little platform to share our hard work/play and show off what nature has blessed us with.
Here's my offering for this week:
That Mandevilla that I have been waiting to open....FINALLY did! (and best of all....there's more to come!)
My "olden junk" corner is overgrown with Silver Swedish Ivy....and the colors on the Mums are just so glorious tonight.
Just look at the fall colors!
Bacopa, Verbena and Lobelia...starting to fade-but still pretty none the less...and the smell of the Verbena is so pretty!
My Rudbeckia is having a bumper year! Just love how huge and bright they are....(boy is that photo blury!)
A petunia that hasn't yet realized that it is fall here in Alberta.
One of my big is about four feet across now...and is up on a two foot pedestal...and still is touching the ground....still looks pretty good. I cut out the Zinnia that was not looking so good anymore...see what a little fertilizer can do?
Flowering Kale in a pot under the "junk" pile...seems to have escaped the barrage of slugs and caterpillars so far...
Geraniums and Dusty Miller are going strong...
The Hyacinth vine is FINALLY taking some life for me. I hope to keep it alive over the winter in the greenhouse and train it to climb an archway over my desk. (cross your fingers)
My "Blooms for the Cure" rose bush is taking on more buds! I hope this one lives in the greenhouse over the winter as well.
Things are beginning to fade very quickly here. I have pulled 6 beds so far. That means the garbage man is back to hating me...there have been about 15 garbage cans set out for him so far...and that didn't even make a dent yet! You should see the look he gives my house as he drives away! hee hee...
Next week there will be an announcement about Fertilizer Fridays coming...stay tuned for that, and in the mean time...Please take this invitation from me to link in and Flaunt Your Flowers with me! Remember....there is no such thing as an ugly garden!
One last thing. I purchased my domain name last night. I lost my blog list...please check to make sure you are on there...and in my followers. Have a safe and happy weekend!
Now, if you excuse me, I am off to tour your yards!