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Monday, February 1, 2010

Just TRY and STOP Me Now!!!

Today, I am participating in all of the memes that you see here! Thank you to all of the gracious hosts that make these wonderful parties possible. To visit these host blogs and to see the others attending...please click the photos for each blog.
Those who read me regularly, will remember how much I HATE the living room furniture in my house, and also know that I am entering a new adventure in my life. A new chapter can only mean one thing...change! My living room is the next room to be getting a make over. The plan has been set...and I am putting some things in motion.
I have been tossing around a project in my mind now for quite a while, and finally had the nerve to give it a try. Today I am very proud to share one of my more fearless projects:
Do you all remember this arm chair that I picked up at a thrift shop last summer for just a few dollars? It was in really good shape, and there was only one area that didn't come completely clean for me, BUT...It didn't match anything other than Busy's room. I didn't mind sharing the chair with my oh so lovely assistant/ shadow/bossy little monkey, but her room is not quite large enough to accommodate her large litter of babies, and get the idea....
SO....I mustered my nerve...and set to work.
What did I do to it you ask? Did I re-upholster it? NO
Did I slip cover it? NO....
I PAINTED MY CHAIR! heard that right...I PAINTED this chair! I used latex paint. I did one full coat of paint on the fabric with a stiff roller. Let it dry....Sanded it lightly with a fine grit sandpaper, and then used a small roller to apply another coat...let get where I'm going with this...I did the whole process 5 times in total and then finished it off with a nice coat of finishing polish.
The back and sides are a little bit textured..would prefer them to have been a smooth fabric...but hey...the chair was less than $20! what do I expect? ha haHere's the close up of the painted fabric. It looks and feels very similar to leather!
Nope! It's not is still nice and flexible...
I shared my chair with a few friends so far...and they all agreed...if I hadn't told them it was painted fabric...they would have thought I'd purchased a leather chair!
I did a bit of research before I decided to try this...and figured that I really had nothing to lose except a little paint...I was going to re-upholster it anyways. we see how she wears...if nothing else, it bought me a little time!
The living room in my house is getting a make-over. I am waiting for the "muscle" to move the awful sofa set that is in there OUT to the garage to be donated, sold...burned (oops! did I say that?) not
I am now on the prowl for something else to am on a roll!
I will share this room in the near future...I just need to find more than my own muscles to remove that stuff first!
So? What do you think?
P.S. The geraniums popped up last week...will show you on Wednesday!