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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let the Season Begin!

Top O the Mornin’ to ya!  I hope all had a fantastic weekend!!!

I had a weekend that was so busy that I still have not had time to get over and visit all the Fertilizer Friday participants…I hope to get to that soon…I miss the time I used to take out for blogging. 

Want to see what it was that was keeping me so busy?  (and too dirty to blog?)


Yes I did!!!!  I planted!!!  I planted all weekend long…I had soil in places no soil should see…and after I smiled so nice and shook hands with the new people moving in next door, I went in the house, only to realize that there was a LOT of mud stuck to one of my earrings…and dirt ALL over my face.  (must have had an itch)  No wonder they were smiling so nice at me!  haha…they were trying not to burst into hysterics!

Here’s a sneak Peek…of my header bed.006

I moved some of the garden art around a little bit…the tea pot bird bath is in the header bed now.005

I still need to put some pots out by the ladder…but that will wait for a different post- haha.


Oh…and a new addition was put into the “room” that I built last season…a little fire engine red spray paint…a few lobelia and a broken old BBQ make for a little whimsy!  I sure hope it blooms up all pretty for us! 

Stay tuned…I will be sharing 15 beds on Fertilizer Friday!  Please join me for this party…I really do enjoy visiting, getting inspiration for new beds…and seeing what you have to share!