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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Scruffy Gate.

So I have this area in the yard. It’s an area I don’t like to show anyone…016

Wanna See it? I know I just said I don’t like to share it…but you are special….so? Wanna see?018

No …seriously- do ya wanna see it?


I’ll show you if you like! But…NO SCREAMING!!!


What we are about to see cannot be unsean. It is the horror section of Tootsie’s gardens…so if you want to see…make sure you are wearing your big girl/boy panties!!!! Ready? Good.

While walking you here and snapping the above photos…I got an idea. A FANTASTIC idea…but first things first…we are here for a reason.


EEEEEEK!!!!!!! Look how tall that weed is! Those nets come up to my shoulders!!! Shame it Tootsie!!!


OH THE HUMANITY!!!!! This area…is a haven for wasps, mosquitos, spiders and yes….BATS. It is the area on the other side of the garage…against the alley. It used to have my Mustang parked here…but now it is a place to store off season things and junk.


So I got my act together, and did the annual junk spot clean up. There were bags of pop cans…tires that will be heading to “I don’t give a damn” soon, a couple old hoses that leak (but I still keep to use just in case) hockey nets…old windows, and barn boards…There’s an old pick axe that was left here by the previous owner…and this is where I have started to store some of my unused pots. Yep..there’s a lot of stuff! And…I am proud to say…I tidied it all and didn’t even cry, scream or run away once! (and I even found some mouse poop!) yea me! woo hoo!

027 Looks good? well…better anyways.

I do have a plan though …remember?


This is the gate “Busy” and I made when she was just beginning her life of motion. I could not keep track of her fat little adorable busy-ness…and she seemed to like it where she could get hurt, or hide…so she and I built this little gate. It is U-G-L-Y…but it kept her- and Miss Pooh out of the area.

Notice the barn board???


Yep! I put it on the gate! I didn’t have enough to do anything with and since I have freshly discovered bats…I am really not in a happy to go rip apart old buildings kind of mood! (yes…I am a chicken! – in my defense…they are just mice with wings!!!)

Okay…back to the fence…see that “patina”? See the door knocker?


The door knocker helps close it. Sometimes there gets to be a build up of sand and gunk…so it needs a little lift…I also thought it would suit the spot!


I love this barnboard!! Now…while I was cleaning up the area…I decided to scoop away the excess sand from the enourmous sandbox in the next yard…just beyond the fence. It leaches through…and It destroys the area…so much so…


That when I started scooping…I remembered that I had made myself a little rock area about two years ago!


At one point, this area was sectioned into two parts. One was the car storage. The other was a little sandy spot for the kids to play. Alas…the sand ended up getting thrown all over the car, and the kids got booted…a gate was built and that was that!


So…I want to know what you think? I am pretty sure Grammie hates it…she's just difficult that way…

I love this wood…it is just so unique…Scruffy…ya…that’s the word…scruffy.


Check it out…this is the moss that grows all over it. I LOVE this!!!! It’s like the three o’clock shadow of wood!!! hahaha!~


Do you like? I wanna know! It is not quite so dark when it is dry, in fact, it is a white wash gray…but while I was hosing out the sand…I decided to spray a little on the gate too. I think I like it…haven’t decided…if not, I can always try something else!

And that is what I did Sunday morning! Sunday afternoon…well that’s a whole other post!

Until then…hugs, smiles and winks to you and for the three…lets throw in a bum squeeze just for good measure! *) *) *) tsk tsk!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Ok enough ..enough girl who are the 3 that always gets the Big winks and higs here??? You know how nosey I can be...
Now girl I love old barn wood..I tried years ago to bu an old barn to build a house with ha ha!! Oh I just love the patina on it...I do have my outhouse door for my bathroom made from old barn boards...Sorry I missed your call the other day sweet Toots...But have been at Candace's durning the day helping her and then home to try and take care of Len...been pulling double duty girl ha ha!!
I did get a day off yesterday and went to the swap meet and YES I got something I have no room for ha ha!!
Hope all is well in your world today my Sweet friend and that I don't give a Damn picks up those tires soon for you ha ha!! Love ya girl..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Sandy said...

Love your gate -- I like old wood and it looks so natural..

Olive said...

I like it. The old barn wood has soul. ♥olive

Olive said...

I like it. The old barn wood has soul. ♥olive

Olive said...

I like it. The old barn wood has soul. ♥olive

onlymehere said...

I swear you're the dangdest handy person I've ever met. There is nothing that you can't create into something else! So what happened to the old mustang? My husband loves those. Our son Nicholas used to have one and then we had it.

Jeanette said...

I love it. I think is has great character. Your header is incredible!

Becca's Dirt said...

Very rustic. I really like the old barnwood that you keep coming up with and you are just so creative.

The JR said...

I like it! LOL...doesn't everybody have a junk area or two...or three...

Good job!

Millie said...

I love old barnboard, and that patina is wonderful. For myself, the broken off tops seem a little tooo, ....well, how shall I put it....rustic? ( I saw plenty of that in my childhood days in Sask.)It doesn't seem to go with the rest of your yard, ...those perfectly groomed lawn edges for one (which I envy!)I would even them off a bit, I think.

Lona said...

Well for ever more girl you do not know what a junk corner looks like until you have come to my county. LOL! I love the gate and the old moss on it. Old siding has so much character with knot holes and such.

Terra said...

Oh this was a fun visit to the Dark Side of Tootsie's yard. You cleaned it up very well. I like bats though, since they eat all kinds of insects that attack gardens, not to mention mosquitoes too.
Your flowers are so gorgeous; what kind of fertilizer do you use and how often? Do you spend a lot of time deadheading the spent flowers? You get beautiful results.

Darla said...

I believe this area is cute, cute, cute! Love the new gate....

Nutty Gnome said...

Well will you just look at this - I come for a quick catch up after a VERY busy couple of weeks only to find that we're visiting the dark side! I love your new gate with all its patina and moss - gorgeous! :)

La Petite Gallery said...

That is teriffic looking, moss and all. You are tooooo clever.

Andrea said...

Hahahaha, i love this post, how you worded it. And you reminded me of the least thing i want to be involved in, cleaning. And yours is just a wink of what we had accumulated cumulatively through the years...meaning chaos, extreme chaos! Let us see!

onlymehere said...

I had to come back and tell you how good it was to get an update! I too don't have enough hours in my day. I don't seem to be doing much creating or have much to share but life is full and sometimes a little too busy around here! Getting ready for overnight guests next week. I'm not good at entertaining so this is going to be a bit mentally challenging! My yard's been garbage since the water softener incident (remember how it was plumbed to put softened water on my yard?). It hopefully will be coming back by fall or next spring. We've been trying to make it presentable at least! I love you blog bz I learn so much about how to spruce it up!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said... are amazing! I love it. Yesterday I went to visit a woman, (I had taken photo's of her home and posted them..following week met her at her garage sale..gave her my card and she called asking me to visit, so I did. She also made a fence and it was adorable. However...yours really does take the prize. They are close...however yours is more rustic...and is simply breathtaking. I love it. But then you can do no wrong in my eyes!
Cute and interesting (actually riviting) post today!
Lovin'hugs to you.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Tootsie, I forgot to link in to Flaunt your Flowers until a few minutes ago. I am glad I scrolled down to this post. Thanks for showing us this part of your yard. When I go on garden tours, I sometimes look for this part of their yards. I remember taking some photos to show my husband that even beautiful yards have areas that aren't so beautiful.

I love the barn board on your gate! I also love that word, "patina". That moss is cool.

greggo said...

not sure what to comment on, as there are so many delicacies I like...anyways linked to your post and just wanted to say hi and pleased to meet you..ha..happy gardening...greggo