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Monday, June 13, 2011

Taking Notice

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a great weekend with friends and family. I sure did. I always enjoy friends and family when there’s time to gather…I am so very blessed with so many wonderful friends!

I was walking around in my garden on Sunday afternoon. Not enough time to do anything before the rain comes back…so I was just taking it all in. Many of the linked in gardeners on my Fertilizer Friday post have inspired me to try to take better photos…so here I go!

DSCN0113 - Copy - Copy

I started snapping a few photos from the top of the stairs. There sure is a lot left for me to primp here…

DSCN0116 - Copy

I moved the picket bench that I built. Having it on the cement pad by the door to the shed was not good for it…the kids would forget to close the door and the wind would smack it into my bench.

DSCN0115 - Copy

It now sits here prominently on the tiny paver patio that I made last year.

DSCN0118 - Copy

The greenhouse is now a place to sit and enjoy some time… to watch the thunderstorms…or just relax. I LOVE to sit out here in the evening.

DSCN0128 - Copy

I added some ‘junk’ such as the old coal pail, and a few gas cans to the mix…and did my pot displays a little differently this year…so far I am happy with this idea…


I think it flows with my other display of ‘old stuff’. I added another milk can this year to this part!

DSCN0136 - Copy

I took my iron table off the paver patio…until I find some chairs to go with it, I just don’t like it alone. I added some pots to it for now. There are a couple of the proven winner pots sitting around here too…they are starting to fill in (whew!)


I made two chairs out of the one bench that we had last year. It was falling apart and I figured maybe if I made two…and painted them white…it would make them last one more year. My painter…well she is 10… they are not yet done…she almost got fired for having more paint on the pavers and in her hair, than on the chairs…haha


It is nice to sit on the chairs and relax once and a while…it’s a great view of the yard!

DSCN0142 - Copy

My fountain is going strong! I had to rebuild it a couple times already…the hockey games get a bit crazy out here at times! grrr *(

DSCN0150 - Copy

The back bed in the gravel part where the new fire pit area is …looks great already!


My big bike bed…is starting to co-operate…that snow really took a toll on the geraniums. It has just been really cold here this spring…and that isn’t helping things grow!

While I was roaming around, I started to take some close ups…I never noticed some of the details before…check it out…




White Alyssum

DSCN0179 - Copy

Blue Alyssum






I am loving my new camera!!!! can you tell??? this is the inside of the Osteospermum…


I can’t hardly wait till this pot fills all the way out and everything is in bloom!




They are so intricate!


Bleeding heart. I love these blooms!






This is my favorite photo! Portulaca






Sweet William (wee willie)


Sweet William (wee willie)


Swedish ivy…I love the fur!

Well, I shared more than I planned…I am loving my new camera. It is crisp and clear and has lots of settings for me to peruse! I just wish I had more time to play around with it…but…that will come…all in good time.

I am off now to start another crazy busy week here at my house. One day soon, I will have things caught up…and will be all over the place chatting and visiting…

Until then…and next time…happy gardening!

*)*)*) to you very important three...thanks for giving me your undivided attention last week!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

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