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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Move…Redneck Style

When I moved to this new home, there was a lot of things going on.  First of all, we had to get the greenhouse up and ready to run before the frost hit the ground. 
~~The following post may cause laughter…it is loaded with silliness!~~
So…we hooked onto the little white shed in this photo and we dragged it to one spot after another until it finally ended up sitting right there all winter long.


Not only is it sitting about 6 feet from the greenhouse, but it is CROOKED!!!   This will absolutely NOT do!  This shed MUST be moved….again.


I was thinking about setting the old tractor rim…turned fire pit in the middle of the yard….but I am reconsidering this as the shed MUST be moved and it just might be too close to the fire pit in this location.


This is the view before we moved the shed in question…


…and the view from the front sidewalk before the move.
Lets get busy.   Let the redneck shed moving begin!!!  hahaha!  (and that is pretty much what it was!)
If you would like to move a shed redneck style, you will need a few things:


1.  a stack of 2x4 boards of various sizes and shapes…
2.  a couple of 2x6 lengths of lumber…


3.  a skinny “stupidvisor”  (age 13 or so)


4.  one cowboy


5.  One ding bat token blonde  with a dirty face, and grass clippings stuck to her boobs…(yep…that filthy broad is me!)  ( I don’t have even a slight sun tan…that is dirt!)


.  a tow strap ( to wrap around the totally rotten skids that are under this crappy shed)


7.  a truck to pull the shed  (until the totally rotten skids give away)  we pulled the shed as far as we could with the truck…when the skids would not allow us to pull it with the truck anymore we employed plan B:


8.  one quad.


the quad was driven by the “stupidvisor”


No we are not doing calisthenics…we are making a plan on how the heck we are going to get this shed to budge…we entertained the entire neighborhood that day…I was FILTHY by the time we finished this little adventure.
Here we go!


Have the cowboy stack the pieces of wood…


…next put the 2x6 length of lumber under the shed and over the stack….


… next have the cowboy and the ding bat blonde stand on it to raise the building up…HOLD ON!!!

….then have the “stupidvisor” pull the quad up.  (notice he is not the least bit dirty???)


The “stupidvisor” is all excited to push the shed with the quad….while we stand on the 2x6.  Sound like fun???  JUST LOOK AT MY FACE!!!   DOES IT LOOK LIKE I WAS EXCITED???


Upon hearing the plan to move the last little bit…I had to stop and have a moment…hahaha


Time to get this party started…again.  Back up on the lumber we go…


…and the “stupidvisor” gets pushing the shed. 
We did manage to get the shed to it’s new location in the yard….but it was not easy.  One of the boards broke while we were standing on it…and we both took a tumble…it was quite the event.  At one point I looked around to see if anyone was watching the scene we were creating…and noticed the guys a few doors down sitting on their deck having a beer and watching the show.  I can only imagine how stupid we looked.  I bet they were laughing their butts off at us!  (I know we were laughing about it after we finished!)  We must have looked ridiculous!


No matter how silly we looked…we got the job done…red neck style…inch by inch…and it is even straight and level now!  This is the shed in it’s new location.


I can see from the greenhouse into the main house…and from the kitchen window I can see almost all of the yard.  I would have moved the shed to the other side of the sidewalk, but it is too rotten underneath and we need to replace the skids it sits on first. 


I don’t think it looks TOO bad where we put it.  I have a plan to “cute it up”


I also have a plan for the rest of this yard…one that includes green grass and lots of pretty flowers!  There will be  nuthin’ at all  ’redneck’ about the finished product…at least I hope not!  hahaha!
Well kids…that’s the story of how the ugly little white shed got moved in Tootsie’s yard last weekend.  It was a redneck adventure…and it was kind of fun for the most part.   I have now started to dig a few curvy flower beds…but that is a story for a different post!
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Until Next Time….Happy Gardening!

*)*)*) to my favorite three!!!   I am loving the fact you keep coming to my page to see how WE are doing. Well, WE are doing wonderful…  Thanks for caring so!
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Sandy said...

How very funny to read this, first
thing in the morning... your all
doing a great job and I can see
how beautiful this yard will look
next spring... good luck in your
new home...

Larry said...

You do take on some major tasks... wish I had your spirit and energy! Larry

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

It is always a wonderful feeling to get something like that moved to a new location, no matter which way you do it. We've done a few like that. I look forward to each post of yours to see how things are coming along there at your new home.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

La Petite Gallery said...

Bravo! Tootsi,
You did a fantastic job. Those Neighbors should have got off their dead asses and come over to help. I am sure when you get through you will turn a pigs ear into a silk purse. You have the talent and Tenacity, to do it and great help. Best wishes in your
new home. May you all have love and health. yvonne

Carol said...

I guess there are rednecks everywhere you go. At least you can laugh at your redneckedness. It is quite a show when hubbie and I get outside to do things, too. the neighbors always get a good laugh-especially if it requires one/both of us to get on the ground to do something. The getting down is not the hard part--it's the getting back up that is the funny part. Oh well. good to be a laugh for someone! hugs Carol

Alberta said...

That shed move was very entertaining!!! Do you want to move mine for me? ha ha I love the added space between it and the greenhouse. Can't wait to see how you pretty it up.

Lona said...

Mu motto is 'whatever it takes to getter done'. LOL! I bet you are glad to finally have it where you want it so you can get onto more projects.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

If anyone could move that shed I knew you could girl..your one STRONG woman in so many's a shame that some can't see that..Love ya girl..your California Mom..

Unknown said...

If Tootsie can't do it, it can't be done!!

onlymehere said...

What an adventure getting this new place up to "Tootsie speed/style" has been! Sorry about your anonymous critic. Just know that the rest of us love you and enjoy going through this journey with you.

deb said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on your straight shed move! LOL Your neighbors weren't oo kindly were they. They should have welcomed you by helping!! Hello! or at least bring you a beer! LOL
Hugs to you sweetie, you've got spunk!
I need to find mine.

Behind My Picket Fence said...

Way to go, Team Tootsie. The hardest part of any task is getting started, and look at you - you started AND finished. Can't wait to see your yard by the end of summer.

Andrea said...

What Tootsie wants, Tootsie gets! It is just that, whatever is on the way, haha! Funny but i can feel the tiredness. I know someone here who uses lots of cloths to slide heavy furnitures, it acts as sliders or rollers! In this country, if someone looks like he/she (more if she) needs help, those people who see them, even if they are not acquaintance, they will help. But that is cultural tradition, i bet it is not seen in your part of the world.

I just would like a little request, I terribly want to read those portions in small fonts, but i cant read them in that style. Maybe another Font style without embellishments will do. Thank you. I am sorry not to be able to read them, i know more fun are in there!

The JR said...

I know when you get through we won't even recognize it!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

My hat is off to you! You are a real worker and know you will pull it off top create a beautiful garden.


Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

What a hilarious post--sounds like something we would end up doing! (Only we take on the roles of the "stupidvisor" at different times during the process.)