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Monday, November 19, 2012

Seating For 6 Or More…At The Door

Welcome!   I am so glad you popped by today!   I am excited to share one of the projects that I have been working hard to finish around my house the last little bit.
I have been junkin’ just a little bit…ok…I have been junkin’ a lot lately.  A friend and I have had a little luck finding some fabulous things…and we have been playing a little with it all.   I have taken a few pieces to add to my house, and I am going to start the sharing today!
I shared the doors that I picked up a few weeks ago, and today I am going to show you all what I did with one of them!  I began with cleaning it up…a lot.
Once it was cleaned up I brought it into the house and set up a space to do some work on it.  I had to bring it inside as I needed to be able to use my china cabinet as a color reference.  This door is about to become my new dining room table!  
I have a beautiful dining room table…but it is far too large for the space allotted in this house as a dining room.  It fit in…but then there was no room for people!  So…I put the table in storage…and got busy working on a new solution to the dining room problem!
I began by laying down a tarp and protecting the floor below my work area…then I set my sights on paint.
One nice thick coat of a good primer to both sides of the door was in order.  I needed this to be sealed up…It was very dirty when it came to me.  I also didn’t want any of the original blue to leech through and show up.  There is no blue in my dining room!  
If you look closely at the photo above, you can see the original dining room table in the background.  I love it so, but it is just way too large for this space.
With my primer dry…I started to rub the door with a gel stain in Dark Mahogany color. 
I LOVE playing with paint.   I think I might be addicted to the smell of paint too…ha ha!   I am not so crazy about the paint fume hangover I get the next day, but hey…It is worth it!
Dark Mahogany on, I start adding some color!   I don’t wait for the different colors to dry…(who has the patience to wait…right?)  I just start rubbing them on.  The second color after the primer is called Cabernet.  I put it on in small patches all over the door…
Just like this!
The next thing I added was a few little touches of black high gloss paint the same way as I added the cabernet.  please ignore the disaster mess in the background!  ugh.
I then went back over the entire door…colors and all with Dark Mahogany again…it blends the colors together a little…so there are no definite lines of color addition…it just kind of softens the lines out.
After all the colors are added to my preference…I needed to wait for the door to cure.   It was left overnight to do this.
In the morning, I got up bright and early…and started to focus on things such as legs….I was gifted these fantastic legs…but there is just one problem…one was broken a bit…
Have no fear!  It's an easy fix...a pair of wooden blocks glued together for me to put on the top of the short leg.   Yay!!   I love these legs…and I think they will be perfect for this project!
I got a cowboy to help me with putting the legs on…and decided that I didn’t want this table project to look like a door sitting on some legs…I needed to dress it up just a little bit.  So, I went to the storage room downstairs and pulled up three pieces of crown moulding to add as a skirt to the table.
I treated it in pretty much the same way that I did the table top.  There is a little more black involved with the skirt…I needed to make it match the china cabinet after all!
The legs are going to be just perfect…
That cowboy did a fabulous job attaching them to the door…and making a little support for the crown moulding to attach to.  (My next project is going to be that ugly fireplace in the background!  I hate that thing!)
I don’t think i want to paint the legs!  I like them just the way they are!
The skirt looks amazing on there!
I plan to find old wooden chairs to sit around the table on…and I think I will try to distress them to look like the legs ….
It looks wonderful!…but now… need to address that horrible little curtain situation that was on the window in this room…That was a no brainer…
I hung a layer of sheer curtains, and then on another rod over top, I added lace sheers…and tied them back with burlap!   Not bad I think…
I like the mix of the casual and the formal…it suits this space.
Man is it hard to take a good photo of the window when the sun is shining!  ha ha !
My dining room feels good now…lots of room for family and friends to sit around the table…and there are some pretty things in here for us all to enjoy.
I am in love with the black chandelier that we put in.  (except for it shows the dust really bad)  ha ha !
The very first chance I had, I hosted a dinner party for all those who were involved in the making of this room…from my junkin’ partner and her hubby, to the cowboy…in total there were 8 of us all sitting around this table enjoying each other’s company and having a nice meal.
I am so happy that I tried this idea.  I really like this table, and I love the way my dining room is coming together.  Right now, I am just using iron chairs that I have from another set that I have, but eventually you will see this room again, when I have enough old wooden chairs distressed to perfection to match the legs of the door turned dining table in my house!
I hope you have enjoyed your visit today!!!  
Until Next Time…Happy Decorating/ Junkin’!
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