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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Great Crates!!…is That a TABLE?

So I know this family of cowboys…ya…I said COWBOYS…and NO I am not Joking…there are rodeo buckles, cowboy boots and Hats all over the darn place…These boys are country ALL the way. 
I have grown rather fond of two of the cowboys in the family…the oldest…who we shall refer to as “Unky”  and the youngest that you all already know as my “Cowboy”.   They are two of my favorite characters…and Characters they are!
Now…”Unky” was over for a visit a while back and he noticed that I had been out Junkin’.   He commented that he really liked my “tables”  that I had sitting around. 
Take a look:
Yep!  they are old crates!   I found them in an old house…and they were LOADED with bird poop and other unmentionable things.  It took me a LONG time and a LOT of cleaner to get these babies all ready to be in my house!!!   I got them all cleaned up and just set them down in the living room one day to figure out what I wanted to do with them…and it hit me…they make fun shabby little tables!
ANYWAYS…back to my story…
”Unky”  really liked them…especially the one with the shelves in it that I used for my magazines!   He also liked the wooden tray on the door that I turned into a dining room table…I suppose I should show you the tray too hey???   ugh…you have NO idea…ha ha
I actually thought that I had already shared all of the next few posts…and when I prepared a post about the newest projects I have been working on, I went to refer to some of these projects…and realized…I took photos…but NEVER posted them!!!   CAN YOU SAY BLONDE MOMENT????  UGH…I could smack myself!
Ok…back to my story…
I also pulled a few smaller more shallow wooden boxes from that old place…it wasn’t as filthy as the others, and I thought it would make a great plant holder on my table! 
I added a couple of used old horse shoes…and ta-da!
I love it! 
WELL…When Unky came by for a visit…he mentioned how neat that was…and this Tootsie was listening…
For Christmas I made him a set of his own!   I used old crates from the attic of his childhood home…(Cowboy owns the old home site and there are all kinds of fun things there for a Tootsie to play with)  They were no where near as dirty and abused as the ones in my house…so they cleaned up easy…Dust is far nicer to clean off than bird poop…just sayin’  :)
I added two old pieces of wood on tiny brackets for shelves, screwed castors onto the bottom and he had two end tables for his living room!  
He can put the table tray on his dining room table to hold his placemats and napkins, and keep everything all neat and tidy!
The decorating style in “Unky’s” house is beautiful.   It is rustic and country casual…these crate tables are perfect with his décor! 
Turns out…that “Unky” LOVES his Christmas crates…and has them in his home in just the right spot! 
Maybe one day I will stop over there and take photos of how grand they look in his house!
I plan to Junk up my “Unky’s”  house a lot over the next while…good thing he’s easy going…and has lots of space for me to fill!
I already have another piece to deliver to him…I just can’t wait to show you!
Until Next Time…Happy Junkin’!!!
*)*)*)…treasure yesterday celebrate today dream of tomorrow.
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