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Monday, June 24, 2013

Add To Junkin' Cart??? Yes Please!!!


When last we met, I left you with this photo.
I asked you if you noticed the new addition to my garden.  Did you find it?   That new addition is where today’s story/post begins.
Sadly, I had taken a bunch of photos of my new addition, and the step by step process to making it part of my gardens, but somewhere along the line…I misplaced them!  So, I had to do some fancy work to take a few more, so that I could share my story.

Lets get started.

A few months ago I went to a garden show in Seattle Washington with my Cowboy.  While we were there, I spotted a rusty old shopping cart that I REALLY wanted BAD.  
My Cowboy, who is very practical and level headed refused to indulge my junkin’ urge. 
the bad guys_thumb[5]
He did not want to walk around in downtown Seattle pushing a rusted old shopping cart (or carrying it if the wheels didn’t work)  and saunter up to our very nice hotel room with it.

He absolutely refused to let me purchase this most beautiful piece of junk.   I was very sad.
He tried to distract me with other things, thinking I would forget all about that little shopping cart issue…but- I would have none of that.  I must have driven my sweet cowboy crazy with all the shopping cart talk.

When we got home, I shared a photo and my desperation to have said shopping cart with my Dad.   Now, if you have been following Tootsie Time for a while, you will know that I was raised by the KING of junk…and if he doesn’t have it, he knows where to find it.   He tried to settle my whining by telling me he knew where there was one, and that he just might be able to get it for me.   I was a little happier.

I waited…and waited and whined a little more about my NEED for this rusty old shopping cart, and STILL there was nothing coming my way.   I was not happy.    I was desperate and admittedly a little grumpy about it.

I had all but given up on my quest for a beautiful old shopping cart all adorned with beautiful rust and wear, when one day I arrived home from some errands to the most wonderful surprise.  A SHOPPING CART!

He had tossed it on the front lawn as if it was garbage and left it for me to find when I drove into my parking spot.   I was so excited I nearly forgot to put my truck in park!

The heat was on!   I had yapped about this shopping cart for so long, that he finally got me one, and now I had to do something with it!   I stared and stared at this cart… it is much bigger than the one I saw in Seattle, that got me into this tizzy.   WHAT on earth will I do with a full size one???  

I was blocked… drawing a stone cold blank!   I moved it around my yard, from spot to spot to see if it would fit into my garden somewhere…anywhere!   NOTHING seemed to make my eyes smile.   I just could not figure it out!   So…I set it aside…and put it out of my mind… I needed inspiration to smack me square in the face.  

One afternoon, as I was primping and pruning and playing with my flowers, getting things ready to photograph for Friday’s weekly party, I got the idea I had been waiting for.  
This corner was screaming for me to do something new.  It didn’t  “work” quite the way I wanted it to anymore…and I needed it to change…NOW.   I ran to the side of the house, and grabbed my wonderful old shopping cart.   I was inspired!
I moved the ladder to lean against the fence…and supported it with a bunch of old clay pots that were no longer strong enough to hold anything, or were broken.  I leaned my rusty old shovel piece against the ladder and got busy.
I gathered some left over annuals from this year’s greenhouse crop and a few little pieces of junk for decoration and set to planting.

It took me a while, but I figured out how to plant that shopping cart…I turned an empty bag from the bales of soil that I use in the greenhouse inside out…so that there was no writing visible…and filled it with potting soil.

I planted that baby right up!
I poked a few holes in the sides to add some trailing lobelia to the mix, and to help hide the black bag I used to plant in.   I added a pot of portulaca, an old watering can and a ceramic angel to the bottom. and stood back to admire my work.     It needed more.
I added a left over piece of garden hose…

…a couple of rusty plant hangers…
…placed an ornamental cabbage in the wash tub that was there before…and set it by the back handles of the cart.
There was one small window box left over from my spring planting, so I did it up to put into the seat of the cart…and I was DONE!!!

I waited a week or two before I shared it, to make sure that things were going to survive, and now I am ready to show you my fabulous, slightly rusted old shopping cart…done up Tootsie Style!

I am loving it!  I hope the rust spreads and fills the entire thing with glorious rustic color!
For now, I am happy with my semi- rusted old shopping cart.  

I can’t wait to see it all filled in and blooming like crazy!
That’s it for me today…I have just one more thing to say:

HA-HA COWBOY!   I GOT A SHOPPING CART!   (he actually really likes it…in spite of himself!)

So?  What do you think???   How did I do?   Do you need a cart now??? 

Until Next Time…Happy Junkin’, Plantin’ and Gardening!

*)*)*) show me a person who has never made a mistake…and I will show you someone who has never achieved much.

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

All of my house and garden plants are planted in Sunshine potting mediums.  


Art and Sand said...

Your cart is wonderful. I don't have space for one.

I saw an old lobster trap on a bike ride once that I would have loved to drag home. Every time we take the ride, I check to see if my lobster trap is there. I can never take it because it is at a county beach park, but I can dream.

Scotkat said...

Glenda fabulous its fantastc.

Absalutely brilliant.

I shall share your blog on my garden forum.

Be great to have you back posting.


La Petite Gallery said...

This is the perfect case,
Glenda, you really can make a silk purse out of a pigs ear.

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous, so glad Grampie came through for you with the shopping cart ... I knew he would. Looking forward to seeing it when the plants have all filled out.

Teresa Hargis said...

Happy Monday.......
I LOVE your shopping cart....You inspire me to get out and about and do some things in my yard.....
Hope you have an awesome day & week....Keep on "junking"....Nothing like the thrill of finding those special "treasures"......

Joanna said...

I love your style, girl! You've got me so hooked on your blog that I get totally excited when I see a new post pop up in my inbox. Thanks for sharing.

Lori E said...

Success is the best revenge! Good for you.

Joani said...

Oh my....that is some shopping cart. I love all the flowers that are beginning to bloom and that cabbage loves where it is. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

Unknown said...

I love it Glenda
I have been thinking of you this week wondering if all the flooding in Alberta is up in your area of the woods. My two daughters still live in Calgary but their home is in Evergreen so not affected by it. My youngest daughter however works for the city and was out in all that sand bagging and helping to rescue people etc... Very very sad to see the devastation on the TV.. I was out at a Rotary Youth Life Leadership conference and so was late getting a post put together!... Hopefully this week!