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Monday, January 12, 2009

Better Late Than NEVER....Right?

I did it! I did it! I did it!
I finally wrapped my crown obsessed brains around those seed catalogs and made my seed order!!!!!! Yea yea...I know....I have usually planted some by this time in January...but hey...better late than never right?
I did feel a little bored by what is offered to hobby gardeners as far as seeds and colors etc. are concerned. I have planted almost all that they offer in the past...there are the standard old faithfuls...etc...but they are ordered (about 78 different plants) and they will grow dammit!
I am getting ready to get Fertilizer Friday on the go...and get the rest of the house plants back into the house. But for now....I am able to move furniture and change my house up a little guilt free! Those catalogs and lists were yelling at me all this month. (kinda like the stain on the Tide I do love that commercial
I also have to come up with a solution to the huge response I got to my friendship flower pot garden....may need to revise the plan...and do have to give a couple of you guys some alternatives as I can not get seed for some of the requested plants. This too shall wait until the rest of my house is cleaned!
Oh and if Tamara is reading....I am begging her for some advice about aphids! You have no idea the tears I was shedding last year when the aphids hit me HARD....just ask around blogland...Tootsie was a mess!


~♥~ Monica S said...

Congratulation! On a job well done! I still don't understand how you've got the patience to do it!? If I have ever planted seeds... they go straight in the ground outside in may... and hope for the best! ;-)
My garden has to be able to look after itself.. haha
I hate weeds.. and we've got tons of it... as we took over my husbands grandmothers house, and she did no gardening the last years of her life... they have taken over...


Anonymous said...

Tootsie you have such a lovely garden, and a lovely green thumb too :-) I am just finally starting to receive my catalogs and can't wait to get started.

artis1111 said...

Tootsie, we just want you to have fun planting whtever. I can't wait till I can start digginh. Hubby came home from Lows and he had two pots of flowers. Tulips! Kathy

Justine said...

Good for you, you finally got it done! How long does it take you to get the seeds you've ordered? And why do you put your house plants in there greenhouse anyway?

Justine :o )

Anonymous said...

I just can hardly wait for your gardens again. I actually planted a bell pepper plant in a planter on my front porch and yesterday I counted 5 blooms on it. I'm so happy. I also had a plum tomato plant that was loaded with blooms, but it had a white disease on it and started dying from the bottom up, so I threw it away.


Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Good Morning, Tootsie! How cool, to raise your own plants! That has always been a dream of mine...maybe some day! :) You certainly have a green thumb! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Good luck with your seed this year Tootsie! I cant wait to see your new flowers!

Jessica said...

Yeah~ glad you got your seed order done. It isn't summer without your gardens~

Miss you~ hope you are doing well!

Hugs~ J

onlymehere said...

Yay, there is hope of spring on the horizon if Tootsie is getting ready for it!!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Tootsie, I just know how you have been dying to place your order. I was going to start some seeds. But, I think I'll just buy seedlings. I am just so anxious for spring. I don't really do the fertilizer Friday. But, I am sure you help alot of novice gardeners by reminding them. I have other means of fertilization that I'll share later. Hugs, Terrie

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Good for you... I may have more crowns than you(sorry) but I can not garden to save my soul....see, it all works out in the end!! Talk soon!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

What a lovely greenhouse you have. Browsed your blog and had much fun & laughs.
Oh, love the garden too. So pretty.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Toots may I borrow some pics from your garden pic blog? It's for a post I am doing and I would like your permission.

nikkicrumpet said...

So glad you got them planted. I can't imagine a spring without seeing the magic you had a spoiled on RMS now you have to keep spoiling us!!! Oh and wait till you see what I ordered...I'm dying for them to come so I can show you.

Helen said...

I may have told you this before, but ..... when I "knew" you on RMS I had you pictured as a little, round old lady who loved dabbling in her gardens! How wrong could I have been?

Lady Katherine said...

Yeah! Flowers to go with Tootsie's crown! You have to do a royal pot for you! You have me wanting a green house, we tore mine down long ago. Too small, a friend says she has built one on to her wrap around porch! I can't wait to see it! Have my girls out looking for my crown. lol Thanks to you! Can't wait to wait your flowers grow.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what your garden will look like!

I am sure you are getting quite excited for Spring and the growing season----I know I am. I may be asking your advice...I don't have quite the "green thumb" that you do;-)

Anonymous said...

Woo Hooness, Tootsie Wootsie! I'm so glad you've ordered seeds! My summer would not be the same if I couldn't gaze at your beautiful gardens! You are the most gifted gardener I know!
BE a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Tamara Jansen said...

I'm reading Tootsie, I'm reading. I had to call one of my peeps about this since this is outside of my sphere of influence. I just sit around the office and look pretty :)

Sadly to say, as a residential gardener have a few less options than we commercial growers. We are able to purchase chemicals (or ladybugs) that are not available to the average joe. I spoke with two of our growers and got the following suggestion:

1. Insecticidal or Dish soap and water. Spray on your plants. Also, make sure your greenhouse has no old plants/soil in it that are harboring the pest. Check around your yard for any plants that harbor aphids and remove asap :)

2. Should this not improve your situation, you will have to begin breeding ladybugs until you have a colony big enough to release into your greenhouse. The ladybugs will make quick work of the aphids. I'd send you some of ours but they come in packages of 10,000 larvae. Can you imagine 10,000 ladybugs in your backyard greenhouse??!! Oh, now that would make a great horror film.......Attack of the Killer Ladybugs!

Allgrins said...

Oh my I forgot to tell you my flower for the friendship garden. I know I missed the deadline but I am going to tell you anyway. My favorite flower ever is Augusta Folio miniature Zinnia. This is not your typical miniature Zinnia. It is micro. It is very ugly at first and bushes out and is very whimsical. They blow in the wind. I have a hard time finding it. I have to look all around but end up with it. I am glad you are looking at seeds and doing what you love.

Betty said...

Yeah now you can cross that off your list! Just remember to keep your gardening fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tootsie
Where do you keep your plants once you have done the seeding? Can you use your greenhouse.
We do have a long way to go until spring time...what kinds of seeds will you plant?
It sounds like you are getting ready for some fun and work!!
have a lovely day

Anonymous said...

Hope your internet woes are cured soon!

I know for certain, I would not have been able to plant all those seeds. Now, J on the other hand, would have relished every bit of it! Looking forward to your gardens!