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Sunday, March 22, 2009

She Roped Me Into It!!!!

Man alive are you all lucky that it is not seed packets and dirt! Cause that's what I thought I was going to show you! ......drumroll please.......!
Ta-daaaa! This set was $5 at a local chairity shop....had to have it to go with my collection of old silver tea sets....see how cute it looks on my dollar store placemats?After the Charity shop...we went to the garden center to make sure I was not too far behind....(and I felt like crying....I am really behind in the I saw this set of 4 angels for $15 and I had to have them....
My kids love the angels...especially the crack of thier bums...lolThere was a lot of giggling going
The angel's wings are not from today...but were a little while ago...I just thought I'd share them with you...they were $12 ....and I was going to send them to a friend...but fell too much in love with them and they are MINE>>>>>>MINE I TELL YOU!!!
Easter Egg candle anyone?
I have some in pink dots too!
Okay...this is the first time I have ever done a Mr. Linky themed blog post. I hope I did it right...and I hope you are glad I didn't post potting soil!
I did buy a book on gardens...and weeds....but thought I'd save it for another day! lol
Have a great shopping day!