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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tree House Transformation

Susan at Between Naps on the Porch is the hostess of Metamorphosis Monday...I am joining this week to see if I can keep up! This is not my best change ever made...but it was a biggie...and I think I like the end result.

This eyesore was "gifted" to our kids by a friend that bought a house with it in the back yard...since he has no children...He loaded it (with a few good buddies) and dumped it off in my yard. My husband put a real roof on it and I set my eyes on some paint...this is how it looked in 2006.
This is the tree house in 2006 AFTER the one played on the lower level...and they argued over space up top.
This is the tree house last year...see how the grass is starting to suffer? By the end of the summer...the grass was a total write off...dead as a door nail...and U-G-L-Y! SOOOO....
I went to wal-mart...bought some cheap flat bed sheets...stapled them on, added bungee cords and loop some old alphabet foam tiles out of storage (to use as a floor-the same as is on the top)
That is "Suzy" "assistant's" doll...she is sitting on the park bench that is serving as furniture until I come up with something else to use in there.
I want to find a small table and chairs to put in there for them to play with...but these things take time!
I added a wooden box that I built out of wood will be the mail box for now.
Curtains closed...looks like Suzy got the boot!
My lovely assistant and her little play mate (thorn in my side) from next door. They are pretending to be at the movies. they fight over nothing...some live upstairs...and some live down stairs! (at least for today)
Does it look silly?
Now...we have a severe weather alert in this area for tonight...SNOW with FROST and some RAIN along with THUNDERSTORMS!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed that all I see is the rain part...I can't cover with sheets if it is raining and snowing and blowing...either the sheets will blow away...or the moisture will crush what I covered! Keep your fingers crossed!!! I'm just a tad stressed!