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Monday, November 9, 2009

A thing or two...or seven. Complete with photos.

And You Thought You Knew ME!!! ha ha
Maureen over at The Green Suitcase and Deb over at Dragonfly Treasure have taken the time to read my blog, leave some very nice comments....AND they are so kind as to think of me to receive this award! Seriously, if you have not had the chance to click over and browse both of their blogs really should!
Thanks girls...
Now...this blog award comes with a hitch or two. If I accept it I must share 7 little things about me that I have not told you before...and that you may not know by reading my blog.
I also have to pass the award along...and let the recipients know that I have given them this honor!
I don't think I have much to took me forever to come up with what I did...I am pretty boring as people I'm sure this is going to be a boring I decided to jazz it up with some photos...
Lets get started.
1. I have lost a lot of weight this past year or so. I have not been dieting, but maybe switching to diet pop and a lot of stress has contributed. Or maybe still....I finally lost the last of the baby fat that I carried after having three kids. My entire appearance is different. I have photos to prove it!
This is me in May of 2008 when I first started sharing with you all in blogland:I was a size 13-14.
This is me about a month ago...and at that point I was a size 6-7. Today I am wearing a pair of size 3 pants comfortably. I sure have changed a lot! My hair hasn't been this long in almost 20 years-I think...It used to be about 3/4 inch and spiky messySee? here's proof! this was taken 7 years ago... (maybe I should join a transformation post! lol) okay...enough with this one...

2. When I finally had a yard of my own to garden in...I had NO gardening tools of any kind. All I started with was a kitchen spoon, a steak knife and a pair of scissors...oh and a lawnmower that really didn't work so great. The people in my neighborhood used to laugh at me crawling around on my hands and knees with my steak knife and spoon....cutting edges back and digging in the soil. The scissors? Well they were my edger...I did not have a weed wacker...and I refused to have long grass along the I trimmed it with the scissors. I also have been known to prune a plant or two with scissors...but don't tell anyone okay?
(nope-no photo of that)

3. I am fascinated by the paranormal. My favorite t.v. shows about such things are Most Haunted, Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters. (nope- no photos of ghosts either)

4. I have ZERO interest in Politics. I understand why some are so passionate about this subject...but just cannot get interested in it. I also don't believe it should determine who you are friends with. (I don't think this one needs a photo-does it?)


6. I wear contact lenses. My eyes are two different strengths. One is VERY weak...(and I mean that like I see 6 inches in front of me clearly without glasses or anything.) One is about three times stronger...(I see about 1 1/2 feet clearly) I have the type of lenses that you wear a month at a time for 24 hours a day...then throw away...I love them...and to think of it...don't even know where my glasses are at this time! lol I have not worn my eyeglasses in public in 12 years...and before wasn't by (what- you didn't really think I would show you a photo with my glasses on did you????)

7. My eyes change colors. Some days they are bright blue...others more of a dark blue. Then...still others they are either all gray or have a touch of green to them. I don't know why.And that's 7 uninteresting things about me.

I bet you thought you were not going to get nominated....well...if you have not already done are now officially in the hot seat! I nominate anyone who has not done this...and if you have...repost it!
Thanks again girls!