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Monday, May 31, 2010



Hello. My name is Miss Poo. I will be your host for today, as my mommy is a little bit busy. You see My mommy works really hard to grow all the flowers…and this weekend something very bad happened to a lot of them…


Ya…that’s right…you are seeing snow. My mom and I, spent all day on Friday making little tents to cover all the flowers, she is very worried….and did not get too much sleep that night. (which means she is a little crabby- but don’t tell her I told you that)


She was very sad when she woke up Saturday morning and the snow was coming down so hard…she had to go outside and shake off the branches of the bigger trees in the garden so that they would not break…and she was not impressed when a huge piece fell on top of her head. I am sure that if she could …she would slap Mother Nature right on the face!


It kind of looks like a campground in my yard this weekend.


A few of my mom’s tents collapsed…but most of them are fine.



My mom is going to cry if this bed is ruined…there are so many plants in there! I hope they are all okay!


I can still sniff my flowers if I have the urge…some of the tents are open on the side…but don’t tell my mom I was walking inside the tents…she might worry about me.


well that is all I have to tell you about my mom. We did get about 6 inches of heavy wet snow and a few of her tents did collapse. She has to fix them all...and she said she doesn't know if she can (but am sure she can) She is just pretty busy right now. I heard her say that she needs to get over and visit all of the FF participants…but I don’t know when she will get around to it. I have a vet’s appointments today…and my mom wants to peer under a few tents and assess the damage.

I am sure she will be around soon with news. For now…I am exhausted from all this typing…hey…I’m no puppy anymore…in August I will turn 12 (human years) …so I will just lay down here…watch my family and have a short nap till someone stops by to kiss me.

Thanks for stoppin by!