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Monday, June 6, 2011

Hooray For Kickin’ It To the Curb!!!

This past weekend was loaded with action. We woke up on Saturday morning to a snow storm….Yes…I said SNOW. In my humble opinion the month of June should NEVER include the use of the word SNOW….ever. But, alas, Mother Nature doesn’t give two hoots what month it is. When she throws a tantrum…she goes all out.

With a cold and dreary day upon us, we were left with a few less choices of activities to do as a family. The kids love to go garage/yard sale hunting and junkin’…and that is what they wanted to do. So…we hopped into the truck and away we went…eager to find some treasures…and to spend a few hours together just enjoying each other.

We had forgotten that it was “kick it to the curb” weekend here in our fair city…and were just driving around from sale to sale. The kids found a few little items that turned their fancies…such as paperweights and a set of stereo speakers….and we were about to call it a day when we drove up onto a sight to behold all others!

Now, being me, I forgot my camera…so I can’t show you the things we saw at the actual site…but I can tell you…we were stunned. We first saw a lady struggling with a chair. I stopped the truck to see if she needed a hand…and asked where she was taking her wing back chair. She replied…’right to the curb with the others.’


I turned and saw a whole bunch of things just lined up on the curb by the street with signs on them that said FREE! That’s when she reminded me of the city wide Kick it to the curb program. This is a public program that promotes people putting their unwanted items onto the boulevard or curb for anyone who wants them to pick up. It is a local recycling promotion that has been around now for a couple of years. I think it is a great idea and has been very successful.

It turns out that this lady and her sister had been charged with dealing with the estate of their parents, who had passed about a year earlier. They had taken the things that they wanted from the home, and did not need, want or have room for the rest, so they decided to put it out this weekend for the community to peruse and claim.

When the kids and I offered our assistance (as she looked extremely pooped) she was shocked. No one had offered to help them, just loot (so to speak) She was very happy for the help and in return for the assistance of our muscles…she gave me not one but 4 fabulous chairs!

Here is what she gave us!


Is this NOT the cutest little chair? It turns out her grandfather created it from start to finish. All hand made. It is old…and there were several others left at the house, so they each took one…and the rest had to go…I have this one now…


I love the curves!

Then there’s the others…


This is the three big ones…and they are not really THAT big…but the projects they present to me are!!!


Yep!!! It’s orange…and I mean ORANGE!!! LOL but…it has great “bones”…030

…I think it will be fantastic all dressed up in another color…the orange is nice, if you are into that…but this one is not my color…and some of the panels are quite faded…whew! Thank goodness! lol

Next up…


This little white wing chair. It is in nearly perfect condition…just a bit of dust on her…I figure that for now…all I need to do is use my steam cleaner on her….and she will be good to go for a while…


…At least until I find inspiration for a fabulous change…haha

Are you ready for the last one???


I am super excited about this one…she is the first one to be getting a make over!


The olive green crushed velvet is just as 70’s as the orange tornado above…and my house is all in the earth tones…but ewe!!! Not loving the skirt…or the color! hahaha!

I am so pleased with my weekend treasures…I just love the ‘Kickin’ it to the Curb’ weekend here in our city!!! The kids and I had a wonderful day, and I also am thankful for those nice ladies that I stopped to help! You see…sometimes a simple gesture will benefit you in spades!!!

You guys will have to stay tuned for the make over post…I guarantee that the finished chairs will knock your socks off! I just know it!

I have the inspirations in my head…now I need to find the time on the clock to do them in! I can’t hardly wait to share them with you!

Stay tuned…I will share my progress as soon as I have some!!!!

I will be back again very soon…so hugs and smiles to you all…and wishes for a very successful week…I hope to find time to get around to see you all in the next few days…but as usual…being a single mom…keeps this Tootsie hoppin!

Until next time…Happy Junkin’/Decoratin’/Makin’ Over…and of course Gardening!!!!

*)*)*) to my very special three…I hope your week this week will bring you all that you so richly deserve! mwuah..xoxo! *)

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

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