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Friday, July 3, 2009

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers!

Well, another week has passed...and another Friday is upon us. It has been a week of celebration, special meals and fun. Canada Day, July 4th, the whole kit'n'kabootle! (did I spell that right?)
Since we have all enjoyed a treat or two this week, why not the plants? Grab your garden hose, (or watering can) and your fertilizer of choice....and get out there and feed those plants! House plants too...can't forget them!
Once you have watered...grab that camera, take some shots and link up to this post using the Mister Linky at the bottom of the page to FLAUNT YOUR FLOWERS!!!! Don't forget to take the FF photo!!!
Here is my offering for this week!
I finally (after 10 years) got a patio set!!! I still need to tweak the arrangement a little, but for now, it looks good!
My Tiger Lily in the back yard is in full force!
So is the Trumpet vine....the humming birds love this plant.
My front yard is filling in....

The Pansy's are smiling up a storm!
My beds are finally starting to come around too!
I love how bright these are today!
I was worried that if I pulled all the weeds...there would be nothing left! But lucky for me, I was wrong!
I added the hangers to the front of the steps....they are supposed to be door knockers, but if you turn them upside down, they hold a pot!
My bench...Oh how I love this bench.And Last but not least....a bright orange Osteospermum!
Thanks for joining me today to take a walk in my garden....I do hope you will take this invitation to link in and share your garden with us!