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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thougthful Beyond Measure

So I was doing the supper dishes after a long, difficult afternoon, when the doorbell rang. The kids ran thinking it was friends...but to all of our was the UPS man! He left this for us. Well me to be exact!
That box was opened as soon as possible...the kids were super excited to see it arrive and even more excited to see three small parcels inside. I'm VERY lucky that I got a photo of any of it! lol They didn't last two rip rip!
No one stopped to realize that maybe they were for They were opened while I stopped to read the beautiful card, and letter tucked inside.
Oh well, I am certain the sender won't care, she's just the sweetest thing. Wanna see what's inside?
Yep! How did she know I don't like Chocolate much UNLESS it is involved with Caramel? Is she a psychic? And they were COLD...but tasted awesome!
Does anyone know what this is? Ya...its a BOOT...A BLACK BOOT....isn't it cute? Do you have any idea who the sender is yet?
I almost cried when I saw you remember the post that I did about the old magazine? This is one of the books you could have ordered from that publication! If you want to refresh your memory about the 1950's HERE
Look inside!!! I remember writing that I wished I had this book...oh this sender is GOOD!!! I know she reads my blog...but she remembers such little things!!! she is GOOD!!!!
So? Does anyone know who sent this to me? I imagine a few of my long time faithful followers will know the name...She doesn't have a blog, so this may be hard for some of you...She is a well known name on RMS though....has a reputiation for being supportive, attentive, soft in heart, kind and very you know a lady named Beddow? Beddow house? Betty? was Betty!!! Betty...the one who wears the "BIG BOOT" know...the one that kicked me into action a few months ago when I was thinking of downsizing the gardens a LOT....The one with the soft inspirations, the meaningful advice and the loving nature! I am so blessed to have so many wonderful sisters in my life.
Thank you Betty!!!! The smile that you put on my face today was joined by some happy tears when I saw each very meaningful and thoughtful gift you sent me. You have become so special to me over the last few years...I am truly blessed and honored to call you my friend/sister. I hope you don't get offended that the gang ripped into the gifts before the holidays! Today was the perfect one for this package!
Oh...and the kids say "THANK YOU BETTY FOR THE AWESOME CANDIES!!!!" They love caramel and chocolate too!
I will cherish these wonderful gifts , and think of you each time I see these them!
Now if you will excuse me, I have a book to read...and possibly a chair to rip apart! lol