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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Making of My Cement Patio....Rock On (for two days)

Today I decided to join you all in the fun and show a post that has been the answer to so many of your questions left for me in my comments. I am sharing the garden room post. I made this room by hand using my cement mould. Here is that post! I hope it will help those who are interested in maybe making a cement pad for their gardens!

Last July....this area became the target for a project. This is how it looked then
I pulled out my cement mould...
Bought myself 15 bags of cement...(that's all my little truck would handle)
Got my little cement mixing barrel out....
put on some gloves (I learned my lesson about not wearing them when working with cement)
and went to 55 pound bag at a time.
Placing the mould....
15 bags got me only this far! (and I ached all over from rolling that mixer )
looks good so far! And those 15 bags were as far as I had gotten last summer...
BUT....this summer....I still had this project on my brain....SO...
I got one of these babies!!! woo hoo....I was rockin'
sorry little guy...Tootsie is a year older....and a little wiser this'll have to watch
Lets fire this baby up! looks like a witch's brew....
Bob helped get us started ...looks like the cement is mixed! 3 bags at a time!
The parts with the green in between are last year's work...the dark stuff is 20 bags poured on Thursday last week! But...still I was not done! I needed 18 bags more!
Now...for those who are wondering why I did not dig them into the ground and remove the grass underneath....I didn't need to. The grass degrades underneath and they sink into the soil below and this helps...the grass also grows up and holds them in place between...they are really quite sturdy!
And then I was done! 53 bags of cement!!!!