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Monday, April 22, 2013

Hey YOU...Teenage Boy!!! Keep It Clean!

I am the mother of one Teenage Boy….I love my Duchy (pronounced “Doochie”) dearly but am glad there is only one boy in my house!   He is messy and absent minded...moody and MUCH too tall for his own good...but he is always going to be my first and only Baby Boy!

(he is NOT going to like that I wrote that part....hahaha!...but after the mess I just cleaned up...he deserves it!  hahahahaha!)

While he was away over the Easter Break, I set myself up for a HUGE job…To clean up and re-decorate his bedroom.   The decorating part was easy…it was the cleaning part that got my goat. 
I did not take any photos as I was far to mad to think about photographs of the pig pen I was in.  It was only a few weeks before that I had helped him clean up and get organized…so this infuriated me.  He was probably lucky that he was all the way in Arizona and his angry little mommy was in Alberta!

I worked for several hours in Duchy’s room…and finally I began to see the light at the end of this tunnel…The room was clean…it was organized…and it was ready to decorate!

I didn’t have time to do all that I wanted before he got home…but I did make it look like a teenage boy lives here!


I re-positioned his bed…moved pretty much all his furniture around.  Got rid of a couple of pieces…the x-rocker and the big pirate trunk full of super heros…had to go.   So I deleted them.  He has a lot more room now.


He still has all the teenage boy “essentials”   he has his extra loud speakers for his stereo system…and his sports mementos…


He has storage for his clothes etc….I do want to re-finish this old dresser one of these days.  The newer one that was bought for him when he was younger is not in good shape anymore, and isn’t worth fixing right now…this one was much more functional…and it is what we will keep.


Tootsie had to get creative with this window…hanging a curtain over it made the room feel like a dungeon.   I am a firm believer in natural light when possible, so I used my imagination.   I had a couple of plastic garden fence things in the greenhouse that I was aching to use in a fun way…I cut the pointy parts off the bottom…(the part that goes into the ground) and hung it on his window!    I did not remove the film stuff that was on the glass when we moved in, as this window is going to be changed possibly this spring.

The addition of a fake plant and some old boxing gloves finished that area nicely!   I love the look of the window now.


I hung his two hockey canvas’s on the wall over the headboard on his bed…

…and turned my attention to the other side of the room.


His closet was a mess…but it is now all organized.   the long door is where he hangs clothes…the short door has his playstation and games as well as a little flat screen t.v.   There will be rules about how much gaming is going to be allowed to happen, and if they are not followed…there will be a lock installed.  


Now, I know you are itching to see better what’s going on beside that closet aren’t you????


Well….beside the closet, there is a small shelf with baskets for stuff…all organized…nice an neat. (yes there are some Easter candies there…he has a little sister that still believes in the bunny…so it is mandatory that he play along… ha ha!)


I know…I know…that basket shelf wasn’t what you wanted to see….THIS is what you wanted to see!

I attached 4 empty clean paint cans to the wall and filled them with his favorite cookie!

Yep…fortune cookies…Duchy LOVES his fortune cookies…and I really love that they are in these cans!   I hope he thinks that it’s as awesome as I do!


The cats sure do miss their kids when they are away…Ginger spent a lot of time in Duchy’s room while he was gone. She normally stays closer to Georgie…but when they are way….Duchy is IT! ha ha!

At least I got photos of this room BEFORE he gets his hands on it. It will never stay this way, and I am ready for that…I can always live in the photos! ha ha!!

That is all I have to share today!  What do you think?   I like the room…and he LOVED it!   I hope he keeps it at least a fraction of how clean it is in the photos!!  

Stay Tuned….Busy’s room is next!

Thank you all again for the wonderful display of support you showed us all last week.  We are all grateful to you for the prayers.  To see the update on how my Dad is here

Until Next Time….Happy Decorating!

*)*)*)    Relationships are precious, don't take them for granted. The worst feeling in life is, when someone you know becomes someone you knew.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No More Little Girl’s Room…It’s ALL Va - Va - Va - Voom! bedroom makeover part 2

In my last post, I shared the beginning of a huge makeover on my oldest Daughter’s bedroom.  In that post I showed how her dressers looked before I started the challenging task of making a little girl’s room look more like a funky Teenager room!   If you want the full scoop, you should begin your reading by clicking on the photo below.

This is the point where I left you all in suspense as to what this teenager was going to see when she first returned home.  

Shall we continue???   Lets get busy…we have furniture…now we need to decorate!

With Georgie getting a larger bed in her room, she needed a headboard.   I didn’t have time to go and junk one up for her, and living in this small town, there isn’t much for shopping for such things.   I needed a fast and easy solution to this problem! 


While I was out and about one day, I happened upon a dollar store.   As I was walking around in there looking for some bamboo stakes for the greenhouse, I decided to walk down an isle I don’t usually bother with…and came upon these wonderful little plastic squares!   They came in a package of two and they included the little wire clips that join them together!   They were a buck a package and they were perfect for my Georgie’s room!  I bought several packages of them (and a couple of other little odd’s n ends that would be good for this project ) and headed for home!
First thing, I got busy joining the squares together and hung them on the wall where I had decided to place her bed.


Loving the way these looked…I proceeded to dress her bed!


NOW do you see WHY this room was such a challenge for me???   I love the colors…but I never decorate my house like this…I use these colors in my gardens!   This room was not an easy task for this Tootsie.   I am more prone to decorate with a soft, muted, shabby style.

Next up…was the walls, her little bedroom window.  

Georgie LOVED the curtains I had made a while back for her little sister’s bedroom…and she really wanted some like that in her room…so I made her a chicken coop valance similar to the one I had done for “Busy’s” room.   The difference is that I made Georgies’ in her colors.  

This bedroom is in the basement of our house…so the window is teensy and not terribly easy to dress.  I tried to put up curtains, but they looked ridiculously ugly, so a valance hung on a curve is the way it will be!

The walls…


I hung a few of the wall words sayings…(which are a bugger to keep stuck by the way)…and then decided to make some original wall art on her wall out of watering cans!


I had originally planned to make several of these for her wall, but because they turned out to be quite big, she got only one, as I didn’t want it to start to look too tacky!   She did get several sayings…and…


…a funky wire dress form wall hanging.


So far…so good!   NEXT!!!


Remember this paragraph from the first part?
“When I ask Georgie what type of bedroom she would like, she simply would say “lime green with black.   Walls can be either color.  I also want horses and cool stuff in my room mom…no ruffles or old lady stuff like you use in the rest of the house please”
Well…I had to keep that in mind…so the horses stay…for now.  

The other little vanity dresser did get a little more funk…and I sneaked a little of  my style in there too with the flowers…lol.    I added a shiny black framed mirror and….


Yep!   I added a Lava Lamp!   I just know that will be her favorite part!


Again…I still need to do a new cover for her chair…but otherwise this little vanity looks pretty spiffy!

010 (2)

After a lot of work, sweat, cursing and swearing, Georgie finally has her newly updated teenager room…Tootsie Style!
Like I said before...
…nothing like watching a Tootsie step right out of her element!

There is still baseboards and trims to be added and she is getting a new window this spring, but for the most part, this room turned out much better than I had planned!   I left a wall blank except for a bulletin board, for anything else that she might want to add…or that I find in my travels that would look sensational in here!

Well…what do you think?   Do you think she likes her new look???


Stay tuned...there are two more kid's rooms for me to share!

Until Next Time…Happy Decorating!

*)*)*)   Remember that at the end of the day, you need only be satisfied with the performance of one person - you.
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Monday, April 15, 2013

I Got Hammered!!! (In My Little Girl’s Room) Bedroom makeover part 1

Those of you who have been following Tootsie Time for a while now, know that I am a single, divorced mother of three very busy, fantastic kids.   I have one boy and two girls, the boy being the oldest.  
The kids were away for two full weeks over the Easter break, and Mother here, decided to do a little…okay…a lot of spring cleaning.   While that cleaning took place, inspiration struck, and a whole makeover of their bedrooms took form.  Today I am going to share the beginning of  one of those room transformations.

My oldest daughter is almost a teenager now.  She is 12 and a half, going on 17.   She has a mind of her own …she literally dances to her own beat…and sometimes I think she’s possessed!   Stubborn and Challenging are the two most prominent words that come to mind when I think of my “Georgie” girl.   (That’s one of her nick names…)   She might drive me absolutely crazy most of the time, but I do love my George!

My Georgie does not like the froofy, ruffled look.   She is a little bit of a Tom Boy, and is quite artsy.  She loves to draw and write and ADORES bright colors as much as she does Black!   She is quite the young lady.

When I ask Georgie what type of bedroom she would like, she simply would say “lime green with black.   Walls can be either color.  I also want horses and cool stuff in my room mom…no ruffles or old lady stuff like you use in the rest of the house please”  


So…with those parameters in mind, I challenged this old Tootsie and did my best to make a very cool, teenager bedroom.   It was no easy task to keep the “old lady” out of it…I love my olden junk.   I think it turned out rather well considering that this is NOT my favorite style!

Let me show you what I did.

I don’t have much for BEFORE photos…none of them really turned out well…but I have some reference type photos that I can add as we go along. 

About three weeks ago the decision was made to give Georgie a queen size bed in her room.  She is getting older and wants to have her girlfriends overnight here and there, and needs a little more of a grown up room.  Since I have so much trouble getting my Georgie to clean her room, I avoided doing much of a decorating spree in there until now.  It is frustrating to have to try to decorate around all the crap she leaves laying around, so my first task was to literally go through every single thing in there, tossing out what was garbage (and there was a lot) and organizing what wasn’t!   Once I finally got that task finished…my mind was made up…this room needs a makeover!

With a larger bed, she needed bedding.  So…I had to go shopping!   It was SO hard not to buy something pretty and soft…it really was.   BUT…I persevered and found what I thought my girl would love.   I then went looking for a few accessories.  I found lots to work with! 

Her existing dressers would stay.   They would, however, not stay the same.  There needed to be some painting done here.     Hey…what’s a makeover without a little paint hangover right?


This is an old vanity that my grandmother gave to me when I was very little.   From what I understand, she herself used it as a is OLD....and solid as a rock.  It has been a lot of different colors over the years…and it is in need of a little sprucing up.  I am not willing to let it go…but I am willing to change it a bit!


This is an old shot of Georgie's dresser BEFORE I did a little work on it.  Since this photo was taken, it has sustained some nail polish, and a few bumps and bruises…(to put it kindly)  It really needed some help at this point.  I liked it in the cream color…and really wished she hadn’t done some damages to it.  …But…she is Georgie…and that’s what she does!  

I ran to the local hardware store…and grabbed a can of glossy black paint.  I was so excited!   I got the pieces all prepped and ready to paint…and started to roll it on.   WELL…somehow I managed to grab a can of paint that was NO GOOD!   It was horrible!   I was MAD!   I suspect that I bought a can of paint that had been frozen in the past and simply just put out for sale.  It did not act like was very disappointing!    I had to come up with another idea for this project, one that would not show that there was a coat of gross paint sort of on them….

The next day I had to go for a trip to the city to pick up some other home improvement items, and while I was in the hardware store there, mention of the hammered finish paint came to my attention.   I was interested right away...I was also a bit nervous, but decided that might be a good way to go! 

We went home, and I got busy right away.    lol

I LOVE the way that hammered finish turned out!


This is the Black glossy finish of the hammered black paint.   It is more or less dark gray, but WOW!!!   What a great look for this project!   That paint hangover was absolutely worth it!   (yep…I get a hangover feeling the day after I use paint or stain…:)  )


I changed out the knobs and drawer pulls and returned the mirror to it’s position…It looks fantastic!  
Yep…I did…I blurred out the mirror so you guys can’t cheat and see what else I was doing in there until I am ready to post the finished room!   hahahahaha!   sneaky huh???


This is a top view of that dresser…That hammered paint hides any and all imperfections!   It was just what I needed!


My little antique vanity looks all spiffed up in her new covering!   New drawer pulls dressed it up perfectly!

I really need to get busy and change that chair seat to something a little better, but for today…it is going to be just fine!

Now…are you guys as excited to see the rest of the room as I am to share it with you???    I really had to stretch my imagination to do this space up right…and I think I had success…Georgie will be seeing it for the first time today…and I will be taking photos of her first reactions to add to the post I will be sharing in the next day or two!…Stay tuned…this is a room Tootsiefied that you do not want to miss…
…nothing like watching a Tootsie step right out of her element!

Until Next Time…Happy Decorating!

*)*)*)   Dance like no one is watching,live like you will die tomorrow,love like you've never been hurt, and sing like you know the words!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Making of a "Butt Print" :)

I have been working on my house here and there, when it is too dark outside to be in the greenhouse.  I am desperately waiting for spring to come, but while she takes her sweet time showing up, I will continue to work on my home.  Today I am going to share one of the junkin’ projects I have been working on.

 I had purchased a couple of wooden chairs to use around the dining room table that I recently made out of an old wooden door.

This one was painted white…and did not look quite right with my dining room d├ęcor….so I thought maybe I would try to do a little Tootsie Touch up on it. 

I had tried to paint it with some latex paint, and HATED it.  I think I would have rather had it plain white than have it looking the way it did.   I didn’t take any photos of the first attempt, as I was too busy freaking out at the horrible job that I had done!  (yep…I screwed it right up. )   This would have been a great post to use as an example of how easy it is to change it after you paint and it doesn’t turn out quite the way you saw it in your imagination…except that in my panic, I forgot to snap some photos!   You guys are creative…you can use your imaginations.


I primed it out….I just LOVE primer…it is like a super strength eraser.  It will make all the bad and ugly things, just go away!


This is what I want my chair to look like when I finish working on it.   I love the worn and aged look of this one.  I bought it a while ago, and it looks good with my table.   I decided that am going to try my hand at replicating this look!

Shall we get started????


After the primer dried, I took some stain and got busy applying it to the chair.  I am not applying much stain to the areas that would be naturally worn.   That part will come later on.   I made a “butt print” and tried to make places on the chair that would have been naturally worn over time.


Once the first layer of stain was completely dry…I applied a final coat of stain…using a little darker color.  I went over the entire chair with the darker stain and made sure none of the primer was left to show.   I then waited for the piece to dry.

If you look closely you can see the next piece of the dining room furniture that I am going to tackle in the back ground!


Here is the inspiration chair…


Here is my version…


I think I might have almost gotten the look!  I know my “butt print” is a little less than perfect, but I think it turned out quite nicely over all.


Here are both my wooden chairs together.   I had a hard time taking photos of them…they always ended up with a few shadows or shine from the sun or lamps.   I think that they look good together…MUCH better than before! 

What do you think?   Can you pick out mine?  :)

Have you ever tried to replicate a time worn look?  How did it turn out?

I can’t wait to show you the chairs in place at the dining room table…but will wait until after the last piece that I am working on is finished…and you can see the entire project all finished up!

Until Next Time... Happy Decorating/ Creating/ Painting!

*)*)*) There are three types of people in this world.  Those who make things happen, Those who watch things happen, and Those who wonder what the hell happened.  Which one do you strive to be?

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Monday, March 11, 2013

I Hit That Nail Right On The Head....Of The Table?

Well hello there!  So Glad you you could stop by for a few minutes to see what I am up to!

I decided that it has been a while since I gave myself a paint hangover, and thought I would maybe work on a project or two while the kids are away for the weekend.   Not to mention that I found a new color of stain that I have never used and am just dying to try it out!  It is called Brazilian Rosewood...and I think it could be fun!

Since I haven’t been out junkin’ in ages, my selection here is down to the slimmest of pickin’s.   My choice for today’s project is going to be the coffee table for the family room downstairs.  I have been slowly but surely getting that room all set up and cozy…it is taking a while, but it is starting to come together.  The new coffee table really needed some help…


Told ya it needed help.   This is definitely NOT a Tootsie style piece of furniture!
Please try not to notice the ick behind the is a mish mash of cords and stuff that I need to properly place in this room...
...hey...I'm workin' on it...I am only one girl...and my imagination sometimes sleeps a bit! :)


It is boring and plain, and kinda beat up. It came to us with that Cowboy I talk about all the time.


I am sure that with a little imagination and some elbow grease, this table will be Tootsiefied in no time!
Lets get to work!


I layed out my painting tarp…since I don’t have a garage yet, I still am forced to do all the dirty work in the house…so I need to protect the floor.  
I sanded it lightly to help remove any of the “shiny” that would deter the new finish from sticking.
Next….I primed it out.


I didn’t prime the entire piece…Only the part I wanted to use a lighter color of paint on.  I plan to leave the base and legs black…I will simply use a high gloss oil based paint on them so I need not worry about the paint sticking.


Once the primer was nice and dry, I grabbed a couple of cans of stain and got to work!  
My first color was Brazilian Rosewood.  It is pretty but left me with a little hint of purple/mauve almost…so I did what any good Tootsie would do…I grabbed the Dark Walnut and went right over it!  


It turns out that the two colors together make for a very nice effect!  See???   Those are the happy accidents that a one of a kind piece of furniture is made of!  :) 

Next…I needed to add a little “map” that will guide me in my finishing of this table.  I used a ruler and I drew myself a little border all the way around the table.


There’s a close up of my edge guide line.   I just know you are wondering WHAT on earth I am going to do with an ugly line….  Aren’t ya?  


I am going to use upholstery nails!   I need the guide line to help make sure I get them as straight as I possibly can!


I nailed and nailed and nailed…and let me just add, it is NOT easy to put upholstery nails in a straight line…when the stain isn’t dry yet!   Yes…I got impatient and excited…and I struggled more than just a little to get them in place…but it got done and now…


…now... I think...
I think it needs something more!   That one skinny little line is simply not enough.  It needs more bulk…and perhaps a little motion…don’t you think?


Ya…I agree…it needs MORE NAILS!


This is “okay”… but Tootsie doesn’t settle for “okay”…HEY…I am no minimalist in any way shape or form…it is all the way…more is more…go big or go home…
So, I set to work laying out nails in different patterns, standing back and looking …


…at them and finally I settled on a plan for the table. 


AHHH….now that’s much better!


What do you think?   I like it.  I think the adding of the shapes gives it some motion…some “curves”…some FUN!


I considered adding some of the upholstery nails to the center of the table as well…but then decided against it…just in case we play a game on here or something like that…the kids like to build puzzles and things down here…


… I DO plan to put some ornament of some kind on it once the paint is 100 % cured! When have you EVER seen this Tootsie leave a table empty!?! Ya…
…you know exactly what I am talking about. :)


I am loving the new look for this old table.   It doesn’t look like a mass production plain Jane table anymore.


It no longer looks like a boring, typical, inexpensive space filler…left over from the living room of a bachelor…(sorry Cowboy…but your table…was a little too boring for this gal)


…now it has some personality…style and one of a kind pizazz!


What do you think?


I think I like it…for now…ha ha…and I also think that the Cowboy better not try to take it back if he knows what’s good for him!   This table is now property of…TOOTISE.  (at least till I get sick of it)  :)


Well kids…that’s all for me for today.  I did what I set out to do…I took and evening, did up a project, I gave myself a HUGE paint hangover, and I shared it all with you!  
What did you do last night?

Until Next Time, Happy Decorating / Designing / Junkin’/ painting!

*)*)*)  I am strong .. because I've been weak ... I am fearless .. because I've been afraid ... I am wise .. because I've been foolish ...

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