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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hey…Just a Quick Note

Hey guys...thanks so much for all the emails and messages to see where I am and if I am okay!
I AM okay...just been super swamped with orders for my new spring line. Here's some examples of what's filling my days To see more check out the Chic-a-Boot page or visit the website! Clementine Dark Chocolate 4                     Ella Dress in Cream 1
Florence denim jacket sage 2
I promise to get back to Tootsie Time as soon as I get a free minute to share something! I am not gone...just otherwise occupied with my family and with work.  
Betty Bloomer Pant Oatmeal Linen 5           Grace Top in Cream 3
I never dreamed that this is where my life would take me, and that I would be running a successful clothing company…Never in a million years did I think I could accomplish something like this…so please be patient…I will be back ASAP
Until Next Time…Happy Living Life!

*)*)*)… I refuse to let my dreams just be dreams. Never let go of what you want because someone else wanted me to live theirs.  Succeed in spite of the obstacles and the negatives.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Don’t Send That Search Party…

…cuz this old Toots is still kickin around…lol
I got a few emails this week already asking if I was okay…if I was lost or when I would be sharing again, so I thought I might as well share WHY I am MIA again.
As most of you already know, about 2 years ago, I started a little company called Chic-a-Boot.
I have been working like a crazy woman to get this little business up and on it’s feet…and making sure that it hold’s it’s own.   Until recently, Chic-a-Boot was primarily ladies accessories…the original line was exclusively boot cuffs,
11115779_358865307652760_2425552266324389487_n 12189109_440374856168471_3840202446003414571_n
and leg warmers…
I then expanded it to include boot Bracelets…
and then to include unisex hunting and hiking gators.

This spring, my company launched a line of infinity scarves and some jewellery…
12936523_490354607837162_2558743568171778653_n 10600636_480187328853890_7491910940572017427_nShimering Strands Greygold necklace

…and those took right off right away.  
I have been on the go ever since with them…and you would think that it would have ended there wouldn’t you?
As soon as I got ahead of the orders for the scarves…and had some inventory made…Chic-a-Boot turned around and launched a line of designer ladies clothing.  
AnnabelleCharlieJenny Cable knit soft mint 3Missy (Blue) 2
Nothing is made from a commercial pattern…all the patterns are created by me…for Chic-a-Boot.   All of them are unique…and each peice has it’s own flair.  
I didn’t launch the line until I was sure I had enough inventory to support a small flush…I was confident that I would be able to keep up, and that I had MORE than enough stock…
The line launched…and a very happy surprise happened…I got swamped with orders…and haven’t been able to take pics to share my home…or anything…I just don’t have time…yet.
It seems that as soon as I share a new style…It is back ordered and as much as that seems to be a wonderful thing…it is time consuming and a tad stressful and tiring!  
Are you wondering what else I am making?   Take a look:
To see the entire line…visit the Chic-a-Boot website by clicking HERE    Visit and follow Chic-a-Boot on facebook by clicking HERE…and finally follow on Twitter by clicking HERE
The response of support by my friends online for the Chic-a-Boot line has been overwhelming…and I am so grateful for the wholesale orders, the referrals, likes, follows, retweets, orders and shares…you guys don’t know how much your support means to me.   My family (the kids and my cowboy) have been so helpful and supportive…and I can’t say how much it means that you all believe in me.  
I promise to be back ASAP with an update on some of the most wonderful things that have been happening around here…and FINALLY share some of my new home with you all…but until then…If you wonder where I am…I am probably in my production room figuring how WHAT I can dream up next for you all to see!
Until next time…Happy Creating!
*)…  “Character is much easier kept than recovered, and there is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.”  Just sayin’
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Vintage “Boobs”

Welcome!  I’m so glad you popped by today.!!!

 I finally found a few more minutes to share some more of what I have been up to around here.

As you know, I have my own little company going, and I have been super busy with it for quite a while now.   As my company is growing, I have added to the product line and it now includes jewellery and scarves as well as unisex hunting/hiking/gardening  gators and doo rags.

  12189109_440374856168471_3840202446003414571_nFloral Lace Ivory Infinity Scarf
Shimering Strands Greygold necklace11059372_360745417464749_7322375559893625706_n

To see my entire designer line…click HERE

Because my little company is now offering neckwear…I needed a way to market and display them, so that people can see how they will look on a body.   So ….in fine Tootsie Form…I went junkin’ and found a guy, in a nearby town, who was selling off all of his VERY OLD body forms and display busts (among other things retail related)  At one time this man owned a ladies clothing store, but has since closed out and is doing other things with his business instead.   He was happy to sell me several display items that would be perfect for my little business.

When I arrived back at home, I was all excited at my fabulous junkin’ finds, my kids were shocked!   They just simply could not believe that I had purchased anything of this sort.   The busts were in NASTY condition.  One of the ‘boobs’ on one of the busts was ruined, they were dirty, banged up and in just plain sad condition.   In spite of my excitement and assurances that I ‘d be  able to do SOMETHING with them, my girls were laughing at me…they were certain that even I could not fix them enough to make them functional.   Quite frankly, they were grossed out.  ha-ha


This is an example of how bad the condition of some of these girls was.

That evening I milled the busts over and finally came up with a plan.   (yes..a plan is one of those things that as of late this girl needs)  The elderly gentleman from who I had purchased these items, told me that the busts were VERY old.   They were bought in the mid 1960’s and are from a Canadian Display Manufacturing company that is no longer in business. 


This is one of the labels that was on the busts.   (yes I carefully peeled it off and saved it…I planned to put it back onto the bust once she was finished.    At one time these items were considered to be TOP of the line plaster busts.   This made it even more important to me to salvage them.   (I love my old stuff)

Once my plan of attack was set, I got busy doing something I never ever thought I would EVER be saying I’m doing:

I spent the next few evenings …  ‘PLAYING WITH BOOBS’!!!      ha-ha-ha-ha

I patched and filled all the holes and I slowly, and carefully put a new ‘skin’ on them.   When I was finished, I was a sticky mess…and my girls were amazed!   My busts look fabulous!   They turned out exactly like I wanted them to!   When these girls are not ‘working’ for my company…they will be wonderful accessories in my production room just as they are.   When I no longer need them for my company…I will use them in my bedroom as ornaments  …  I am very happy with them!


I do like the way they turned out.   I don’t have to put a shirt on them…they are good just as they are.   So far, they have received nothing but compliments from anyone who’s seen them.   They do draw a lot of attention at the various markets that I have attended with them…and they make a lasting impression!  I have still got about 6 more busts that I need to work on, including a male one…but until I need them, I think they are just going to sit in the storage area where they are out of the way.


What do YOU think?

Did they turn out okay?

I’m almost thinking that I might try to put burlap or a canvas ‘skin’ on one or two of the others…but I haven’t decided yet.   I wish I’d had some old sheet music on hand that had been aged…but the best I could come up with at the time was some old encyclopedias…so that is what I used.

All I did was cut the pages into leaf shapes, and glue them on with white glue.   After they were totally dry, I applied a coat of sealant to them…just to make sure that they could be wiped or washed and stay protected.


That’s it for me today!   Thanks so much for popping by!   I am off to take some marketing photos for my little company with my ‘new old boobs’.   ha-ha

Until next time…Happy Junkin’!

*)*)*)   There comes a time in life when you have to choose between turning the page… and just closing the book.  -Unknown

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.
today’s post has been proudly sponsored by Chic-a-Boot
chalk board sticker

Friday, September 11, 2015

Tootsie Goes To HOLLYWOOD????

Yup…you read that right!   I am going to Hollywood in just a few short weeks!

Here’s the scoop.

I have not been posting much this past while because I have started a little business...I think that this is a good time to come clean...and tell you all what exactly is keeping me from my beloved blog.

A lot of you guys have been asking me via email WHERE I have been all these months…and if I am Chic-a-Boot.   Well…the answer is yes.   Chic-a-Boot is the little company that I created just over a year ago. 

Burlap n buttons

I have been working my little fingers to the bone designing, and creating my products and sending them ALL over Canada and the United States!

basic leg warmer

Those of you who have followed me for a while are probably stunned beyond stunned that I am actually sewing!   I have never enjoyed that hobby.   I was actually afraid of my sewing machine and didn’t even know how to thread the darned thing…it sat on a shelf for 20 years…until someone who knew how to sew would ask to borrow it…or come sew something for me.  haha.   In school, I stapled my home-ec project together…Sewing was NOT my thing.   Until now.


NOW…I not only sew with one little regular machine…I am running 3 regular machines…an overlock machine and 4 industrial sergers!   I have become somewhat of an expert….and I am
loving every minute of it!


What is Chic-a-Boot?


Chic-a-Boot is the name of my business…and is primarily boot cuffs…boot bracelets…unisex hunting gators…leg warmers and  extender slips.   Check out the gallery on the website to see my entire line!


WHY am I going to HOLLYWOOD?


Well…Chic-a-Boot was scouted out and invited to participate in a red carpet one on one celebrity event to celebrate the American Music Awards!   Only 40 companies from around the world are invited to attend this event.   It is such an exciting opportunity to meet celebrities…and have photo opportunities…and to promote the little business I have worked so hard to create!


It is very exciting to see anyone wearing my products when I am out and about, much less to see a celebrity wear them! 


When I first opened the email that had the invite all detailed for me, I was skeptical.   I decided to take a bit of time to do a little research and then phoned the telephone number they gave.   This is for real.



The lady told me that they found me on my Chic-a-Boot Facebook page…clicked over to my website and LOVE my products and is certain that the stars will ‘just eat them up’!  I am very excited for this opportunity!


I recently participated in the market place trade fair at the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose Alberta…It was such a fun venue…I got to meet a lot of new friends and picked up several new wholesale accounts.


It’s not the best photo…but that is my booth from Big Valley.   It was a lot of fun to build the backdrop, and make the table skirt.   I am so glad to have had that experience…and though a little nervous to go all the way from Alberta to Hollywood…I can’t wait to strut my product and hob nob with a few celebrities!


SO…Now you have the scoop…the reason I have been so absent from posting for the last while.   I have been a VERY busy girl…stubbornly making my mind up to make my own little company a success. 

snuggle soft steel

If you have any questions…let them fly!   oh….and don’t forget to watch for the Chic-a-Boot Brand in your favorite quality retail store!

poster with email

I miss you all…and one day…I hope to have time to strut my stuff (if I ever get a chance to Tootsie around on something)  lol

Until next time….Happy shopping!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.