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Sunday, September 12, 2010

MUWHAHAHAHA!!! A Girl with a Reciprocating Saw….What the heck???

My WORD! What the heck does that mean!?!? Well….it means that I bought myself a reciprocating saw!!!

Now a girl can’t buy a new power tool and not try it out IMMEDIATELY! (at least not this girl.) So…I spent a while humming and hawing…and finally settled on one of three projects to start and finish. There are three areas in this house that I have wanted to renovate (just a little) to make them a bit more Tootsie and kids friendly…and this saw fit into the arsenal of tools that it would take to do the work…perfectly!

It seems that this sgw has a mind of her own…she gravitated directly to the first of the three areas almost on her own. Once the chosen area was prepped…we let the games begin!

Perhaps a little back story to the reason for the reno will be helpful..

A while back I needed to keep my mind busy-and I love to learn- so I decided to take a nail tech course. I busied myself and finished it in no time flat- and am now certified. Practical, theory – the whole shebang.

I decided that since my kids are still so small and involved in a myriad of activities, and considering the situation they are adjusting to, it would be best for me to work from home. This decision would enable me-as a single parent of three, dedicated to her kids, to be available for all of the kid’s activities and pick-ups or drop offs. I have never missed anything they have ever done, and I don’t intend to start now …not ever they are most important…and they need their mom.

My decision to work from home has presented me with a few obstacles…One major obstacle is where would I do these nails? Which room will I use and most importantly- what will I use as a work surface? Being that this is my home, and all the rooms are ‘spoken’ for, I will need to multipurpose one space here.

I thought about using my garage, or at least a small corner of it- BUT we all know how I love to mess with paint, stain and tools- so this option was a very sound NO!!! Then I thought of the dead space in the family room downstairs, but I know I could not be there to supervise the kids if they were playing outside…so again NO! (this would only work in the winter…)

The sunroom is nice- but it is a bit cold in the winter months (however my new fireplace, and the fact that I re-did the insulation under the floor last weekend so that it was done correctly) (yes…it was done WRONG the first time an insulated the wrong part…go figure…ha-ha ) *) might resolve this issue of low temps.

I finally decided that this nail situation would be best kept in a place easy to dust down…central to the house, and warm. I chose the kitchen…across that breakfast bar that has been the bane of the dining area for some time now.


Yep!!! This is the area! I have hated this thing since almost the first day…it was here when we bought the house, and it came with three of the ugliest bar stools I have ever seen…which I tolerated for a year or so…and finally got rid of them (they are now in a place where looks seem not matter-) *)


Oh how this bar cuts off the house and makes it feel closed off…it is just a junk collector most of the time, and I just hate it! 004

Lets get rid of it! Wanna Watch? That saw has a mind of her own…I started out with the measuring and marking…and when that was all done…the jig saw jumped in and did a first cut across the top of the arborite…ZZZZZINNNG! Done!


Once the first cut was done the big sledge hammer was employed and the designated area to be lowered was popped off….ta-da!


Here’s another view…

After a bunch of measuring and making sure things were level…that reciprocating saw jumped right to the job…she cut that drywall sub wall down to the height I wanted!!!

The counter top was popped back on…and it was all over but the bracing and finishing!!!

I am living proof…that there is nothing a girl can’t do if she puts her mind to it!


I did not take the entire counter top off and lower it all, as I was worried about the wall at the end. This counter was secured like you have no idea!!! So…I compromised and decided on a small area to remain raised for the phone to set on…This left me with a space that needed to be Tootsied up.


NO PROBLEMO!!! I had some of the back splash materials left from when I installed it …and it worked out perfectly! A little drywall patching in…a little backsplash materials…and….a little piece or three of trim…and this long ugly breakfast bar…(that almost got ripped out by the nails…except I could not find any hardwood the same size..) got cut down in size!


It is now the perfect height for homework, nails, computers, or just sitting for a snack! My Dad (Grampie) gave me a couple of very heavy old stools that were the exact right height…and they have nice big seats…and do not tip over easily. thank you Grampie…I will be painting and changing the pretty blue covers to something a little more on the way of my color scheme.


Now my client can sit on one side…and I can sit on the other…my supplies are conveniently tucked away until needed in this cute little table…and when I am not doing nails, they are out of site!


So there you have it…the story of an afternoon in my world, and what my new reciprocating saw did to initiate her first day into the Tootsie family of fine power tools.

All I need to do now…is get more clients. Fingers crossed! If nothing else, I made memories with my little gang, and did something I have wanted to do for years... AND my little girls love this place now. They sit and color, chit chat, or just have a snack on here every chance they get!

Next reno…well that’s my little secret isn’t it? MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Until next time…thanks for stopping by, and for the prayers you have given to my little gang. They appreciate that you all care too. My son and his class read my blog and it just tickles him to see his handi- work shared. He’s such a sweetie!

Hugs and smiles to you all…and to my three winks…Betcha’ miss old ‘you know who’ and all she used to do for you! MWUAH! *) *) Oh ya…and to one very special wink…I know how proud of me you are for having done this job…but…silence is golden dear-heart! *) You know who you are!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

Monday, August 16, 2010

From Old Lady Drab…to Tootsie Style Fab! (and a small tutorial)

Hey guys!!! How the heck are you? I’m good…good and tired.

Why- you ask? Well…let me tell you!

I have been a busy girl with all the flowers, kids, back to school prep…life’s obligations (of which I can hardly wait to share …(another time)…and a little bit of this and that…okay…a lot of “this”…ya wanna see?

I am so relieved that you said yes…or we’d be stuck in a rather awkward moment here…haha…

So the story begins…after all the obligations and commitments are taken care of each day, Tootsie has got to play...


There is a lot changing in my and my kid’s world lately…and we are taking steps to change things from drab, worn and sad, to Tootsie Style , fresh, and FAB!

This dining room set has been in my house for a few years now. We use it every day three times a day. It is pretty isn’t it?


ya…pretty sad…pretty worn…pretty old lady-ish and looking very drab…

What’s a Toots to do when she is looking at things…and they either bring back an UGLY memory, or they are looking a little past their prime?


Out came the sander…out came the primer, the stains (all 3 colors) and out came the rags, brushes and of course the camera.

I started with the chairs…and slowly but surely got them all done…then moved on to the table and the china cabinet. I thought I’d give a small tutorial of how I did this for those who might ask…

Step 1. Sand off the shiny finish


Step 2. prime


Step 3. Rub Dark Walnut gel stain over the primer to desired shade.


Step 4. Add accent color with Cabernet Gel stain


Step 5. Detail with Black semi-gloss paint


Step 6. Rub lightly again with Dark Walnut stain…


Step 7…ENJOY!!!

Here is how it went for the table…the steps are the same…but the mess is very different…the table is heavy…too heavy for me to move…so I did the table and cabinet in the house…

I added the leaf to the table…and let the sanding begin…


did I mention I had a lot of help???






‘The Duch’-age 11 my hero


‘Busy’ age 5 my shadow


‘Georgie’ age 9 my delightful challenge


oh the giggling!!! they were supposed to be using sanding sponges…how did they end up with both my sanders???


ya…they really enjoyed themselves…we all had a great time!

But the job got done…and the mess was huge…we had stuff everywhere…and dust…let me tell you…no..on second thought I won’t…you can just imagine…haha

The table was done and I had to do the china cabinet…so I borrowed some muscles from a friend…and had the top removed from the base…did the whole process to it…and then left it all to cure for a day or so.

The big day rolled around…and all I could think about was getting things put away…I had dishes all over the house…dust everywhere and being a clean freak in a mess like this was no fun at all…but how will I get the cabinet back up on the base??? It is solid oak…and heavy as HECK. (you thought I was going to say a bad word didn’t ya??? hahaha) My borrowed muscles were away for a couple days…and I did not want to wait for another set to come over…(it was a 5 hour wait!!!) So…I did it myself!

How the heck??? yea…I know you want to see…(you are just nosey that way) haha


I dragged the shelving in from my greenhouse…and made little steps with it! I’d lift it up…and “Duchy” (my 11 year old son) would push it steady. Then we’d add two shelves to the pile…and the process went on and on until…


We had a couple huge stacks…and


WE WON!!! All my son could say was “Man mom…are you ever strong!”


“ROAAAAAAR!!!! that’s me! – I couldn’t have done it without you“ I said! haha My son is not only very protective of his old mom…but he has been a great help to me these past months. This project brought me and my little gang even closer together than we had been…and we loved every moment of it. I’m glad I let them help…but…I fear I have created three sanding monsters!!!! haha

Okay..back to the finshed product.

After an entire day of cleaning…touching up..and primping…okay…Okay…okay….just look!!!!!


TA-DAAAA!!!! Take a look!


from this…Old Lady Drab…


To Tootsie Style FAB!!!

and as a bonus…Bad memories got to be erased…


Damaged surfaces erased…


Old lady drab …gone.


memories made with my gang…


..and the promise of many more wonderful memories of true friends and wonderful family to be made on my one of a kind creation!

So? What do you think? Will you be trying my stain mixing???

My next project to finish up involves the installation of a fireplace in my house! I can’t wait to share it!

Until then…hugs and smiles to all the great followers of Tootsie Time…and as usual winks to a very special three…*) *) *)…you know who you are!!! {;)

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.